10 days of mourning announced in Great Britain: this will also be reflected in everyday British life

From shops to sporting events: what will be closed and canceled in the next 10 days?


Shops do not have to close during the period of mourning, but some outlets may decide to do so out of respect for the Queen, writes thesun.co.uk.

The day of the Queen’s funeral will be declared an official day of mourning, so many businesses are expected to close.

However, essential establishments such as grocery stores, banks and post offices are likely to remain open.


According to The Sun, children will continue to go to school as the country mourns the Queen.

Schools have been told not to interrupt education for the next 10 days.


The decision whether to hold a competition or not will have to be made by the organizers of the sports matches themselves.

For example, the second day of the test match between England and South Africa at The Oval was canceled today after the cricketers decided to pay their respects to the Queen.

The Championship Football League (EFL) has also postponed two matches scheduled for Friday night. The Southwell and Chelmsford horse races were also canceled yesterday until further notice.

Tournament organizers have also confirmed that the BMW PGA Golf Championship will not take place at Wentworth on September 9.

At the time, the Premier League had not yet announced plans for the scheduled matches.

However, its managers are expected to announce a decision on whether to cancel this weekend’s games later in the day.

It is believed that the managers will decide that the match must be cancelled.


Theaters across the country will continue to run shows, but many theaters will dim the lights and ask for a minute’s silence before performances.

Some theaters also plan to play the national anthem and prepare condolence books for the audience.

Cafes and restaurants

As with shops, each institution will have to decide for itself whether it will be open during the mourning period.

Many cafes plan to be open so Britons can gather and remember the monarch.

However, on the Isle of Man, all pubs will be closed for 24 hours from September 9.

Tourist objects

Some tourist attractions will be closed for the next few days to “respectfully commemorate the death of Her Majesty”.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London and Wakehurst Botanic Gardens in Sussex have announced that they will not be accepting visitors on September 9.

However, like shops, pubs and restaurants, each object will decide for itself how to behave.


Media programs will reflect the period of mourning and television and radio stations will follow a special code of conduct.

BBC presenters will wear black for the next 10 days.

The BBC will not broadcast comedy and humor programs and radio presenters will be advised to play non-offensive music.

Other channels are not required to change their scheduled broadcasts, but many of them will likely choose to adjust them.

Shows such as EastEnders, Emmerdale, Celebrity Masterchef and a documentary about the life of Katie Price will all be off air for a while.

Filming on Netflix’s The Crown has also been suspended.

Once the arrangements are complete, the Queen’s funeral will be televised around the world.

The broadcast will begin a few hours before the official ceremony and will continue throughout the day.

Award ceremonies

The 2022 Mercury Prizes, due to take place on Thursday, have been postponed due to the Queen’s death.

Nominees had already started picking up for the ceremony in London, which was due to feature Sam Fender, but organizers said the event had to be canceled until further notice at this “difficult time”.


Employers do not have to give employees days off during the mourning period, but they can give them some advice.

For example, civil servants were advised how they should dress during this period.

Some workers may be given the day off on the day of the Queen’s funeral, but it will not be an official day off, so employers will not be obliged to give it.

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