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Deion Sanders reiterates that Jackson State isn’t worried about the FCS playoffs

Deion Sanders reiterates that Jackson State isn’t worried about the FCS playoffs

There are two things Deion Sanders is up front with.

He doesn’t really care about Halloween or Jackson State being in the FCS playoffs.

The Tigers are currently 8-0 and ranked fifth in the FCS 25 Coaches Poll. But for the JSU coach, FCS rankings or postseason chances aren’t important.

“I don’t really put too much into the standings and all that. Who makes the classification? I don’t even know who is doing the ranking. I really don’t,” Sanders said when asked by a reporter if he thought about where JSU ranked in the poll. “And I’ve never gone to our team and said, ‘Guys, guess what, this week we are number five’. I never did and I don’t think I ever will. We have a laser focus.”

From now on, Jackson State has its sights set on winning the SWAC East, taking home another conference title and avenging the Celebration Bowl loss from a season ago.

These are the goals of the third-year coach.

“I’m not wishing (for an FCS playoff spot) I’m happy with the Celebration Bowl,” Sanders said. “I’m excited about the Celebration Bowl. The Celebration Bowl, what they do for us financially, is much bigger than what the FCS college bowl game (playoffs) will do for you. I don’t know if we have the resources to travel constantly for three weeks or how long it will take us to really be the champions of this.”

Unlike FBS bowl games, the FCS does not include a pay-for-participation system.

For schools to host FCS playoff games, the NCAA requires them to submit bids or guarantees of how much they will pay for each home date. The organization sets minimum bids that increase for each round

The minimum bid starts from $30,000 for the first round to $40,000 for the second round, $50,000 for the quarterfinals and $60,000 for the semifinals. Some schools with bigger budgets may offer more money to host games on or near their campus.

If the winning school makes money during its postseason run, the NCAA takes a larger cut minus the school’s expenses. In turn, the school receives a larger share of what is left over.

Under those parameters, the Celebration Bowl, featuring the SWAC and MEAC champions, appears to be a more lucrative financial opportunity. Participating conferences receive $1 million each in payouts.

“Everybody would love to see us play. I’d love to see us compete against one of those schools,” he said. “But financially, I think we’re in a much better place to celebrate playing for our people as well. I’m really happy.”

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