Jalen Hurts: ‘It’s nice to see’ Eagles adopting his mentality

Jalen Hurts: ‘It’s nice to see’ Eagles adopting his mentality

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles have improved to 7-0, thanks to a systematic dismantling of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently. While the Steelers are still dangerous enough to beat any team at any time, the Eagles emerged with a 35-13 win.

After the game is over, quarterback Jalen hurts explained that he sees the team adopting his mentality and approach to the constant competition of the NFL.

“I’ve never talked about myself that way,” Hurts told PFT by phone, “but I really felt the transition of this football team, and especially being here in my second year as a starter, I felt the transition of this football. team, and I’ve always tried to have the right mindset when approaching games and the different situations that can come up throughout those experiences and what life can throw at you. And I think that the team is really taking the same mindset and that’s something that I preach as a leader, and I feel like they really bought into that.

“That’s like keeping the most important thing and controlling what you can. I’m never satisfied as an individual, as a competitor. And I think that’s what we’ve taken on as a football team. So when you go out and play any opponent, the standard doesn’t change. You talk about perfection. Perfection is never achieved, but there’s nothing wrong with chasing something you’ll never catch because that’s what it is, we’re chasing something we’ll never catch. But also , maybe we want to achieve things and do great things in the end. I feel like we all have the same mindset. That’s what’s allowed us to do what we’ve done so far, and we’re going to do it all together.”

I tried to summarize Jalen’s thoughts. Is he saying that his own attitude has become the attitude of the whole team? That others have committed to the way of seeing things?

“In short, yes,” Hurts said. “That’s exactly what it is. I think this team has an attitude that’s a direct reflection of mine. And the approach is to never be complacent and never waver in any condition or circumstance. And I think that’s what it’s become. And it’s beautiful to see.”

The results are also beautiful to see. The Eagles have matched their best start in league history at 7-0; They last did it in 2004, a Super Bowl season. With a win Thursday night against the Texans, the Eagles will be 8-0 for the first time.

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