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Monday Dots: Huskies Survive Brigham Young East

Monday Dots: Huskies Survive Brigham Young East

I’ve seen Dots play with flames

In a lake of fire where he was standing

He met the devil in Seattle

And he spent 9 months in the lions’ den

  • Even though the Dawgs didn’t play, the Pac-12 was busy over the weekend with the top teams taking care of business for the bottom feeders. Those results placed three Pac-12 teams in The Athletic’s top 10 as part of the ranking of the 131 teams. UW comes in at No. 26 and would surely break into the top 25 with a win over No. 20 Oregon State this weekend.
  • Between those trips, Kalen Deboer and Ryan Grubb flew to tourist mecca Pierre, SD a see the QB commit to Lincoln Kienholz in person. The Real Dawg gave news on Kienholz, who is now 10-0 on the season and entering the playoffs at South Dakota.

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