Myles Turner Addresses Russell Westbrook Trade Rumors: ‘If I’m the Lakers, I’m Taking a Great Look’

Myles Turner Addresses Russell Westbrook Trade Rumors: ‘If I’m the Lakers, I’m Taking a Great Look’

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Almost everyone has thought about the dilemma they face Los Angeles Lakers. with lebron james he is nearing the end of his prime and Russell Westbrook’s A $47 million salary serving as their only realistic path to contention, they would need to trade their two available first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 to climb out of the 1-5 hole they’ve dug themselves thus far this season? Some say the Lakers owe it to James to give them a stronger roster. Others believe this roster is too broken for any trade to fix. Fans, media and even Lakers executives have spoken out about the debate.

The only voice we hadn’t heard yet were the players involved in the rumors themselves, and even that changed on Monday when Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner appeared in the Woah Pod and addresses aa agreement for a long time involving himself and his teammate Buddy Hield heading to Los Angeles. While he declined to explicitly say the Lakers would trade for him, he certainly hinted at his belief that he and Hield could help them.

“If I’m the Lakers, I look at it very well with the position you’re in, and I know I can offer a team my leadership, my shot blocking, my 3-point ability and just my ability to make plays theater on the ground. I would take a very long look at it,” Turner said. “But as far as pulling the trigger, I get paid to shoot, not to make these calls, so I couldn’t answer that.”

Turner acknowledged that his time with the Pacers could come to an end soon. He’s a veteran with an expiring contract. They are a rebuilding team looking to land star French center Victor Wembanyama in 2023 NBA Draft. A deal with the Lakers would allow Indiana to recoup value while sending him to a desirable destination.

For now, no trade seems imminent. The Lakers aren’t expected to reach a deal until around Thanksgiving, when they’ve studied the league landscape more thoroughly. At that point, the impact that Turner and Hield could have would be dampened. But if you ask the Indiana center, he seems to believe he could help the Lakers if they just pulled the trigger.

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