Myles Turner made his case for why the Lakers should trade for him on Woj’s podcast

Myles Turner made his case for why the Lakers should trade for him on Woj’s podcast

The biggest trade rumor of the NBA season so far has been a proposed deal that would send Myles Turner and Buddy Hield to the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook at Indiana Pacers. The trade was supposedly at the “one-yard line” during the offseasonbut the two sides were unable to reach an agreement with Indiana asking for the Lakers’ first-round picks in both 2027 and 2029.

When the Lakers started the season 0-5 before finally getting their first win Sunday night against the Denver Nuggets, speculation about a possible trade for Turner and Hield has intensified further. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski had Turner on his podcast Monday and asked him directly if the Lakers should trade two first-round picks to acquire himself and Hield.

“If I’m the Lakers, I look at it very well with the position you’re in,” Turner said. “I know what I can bring to a team.” Listen to Turner’s response below and Check out the full episode of The Woj Pod here.

Here’s what Turner had to say about potentially going to the Lakers:

“Yes, [it’s appealing]. Just playing in the bigger market, I think here in the Midwest we don’t get the love that I think we deserve. It is not taken nationally. You are under the microscope in the West, when you do wrong you will hear about it. When you do really well, you get a lot of love, especially with the love the Lakers get. I think another aspect that is playing with greatness and playing with LeBron, I feel like he demands a certain level of excellence especially at this point in his career. It’s just one of those things, when you’re out there, you’ve got to perform. People are going to expect you to go out there and maintain that legacy that the Lakers have built over the years.”

Can you ever remember a player under contract with one team going on a massive national podcast and arguing why he should be traded to another team? I can’t, and neither do most fans. Only Woj can get this level of player access.

Turner talked about how the interest from the Lakers fan base has followed him and Hield through the start of this season. He remembered himself and Hield watching tweets from Lakers fans come in as they sat next to each other on the bus as the Lakers lost halfway across the country. Turner also talked about trying to stay healthy this season – he started the year with an ankle injury – and what it’s like entering the final year of his contract with Indiana.

In his most recent game against the Wizards, Turner finished with 27 points, 10 rebounds, five blocks and shot 3-for-4 from three-point range. That’s the kind of performance that makes the Lakers think long and hard about trading two starters for him for Hield. The real negotiation is likely to take place over what kind of protections these choices have.

This has already been a strange season for the Lakers, and we’re not even through the first month yet. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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