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No more cheating games for the Buckeyes

No more cheating games for the Buckeyes

The Ohio State football team was supposed to have three standout games this year; Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan. It ended up being just two because Notre Dame ended up sucking. Well, the Buckeyes have already played two of those games.

After beating Penn State 44-31 thanks to a great defensive effort, the Buckeyes are looking forward to the final game against TTUN. Looking at their schedule, they don’t have a cheat game before this game. The rest of his opponents stink.

Let’s start with the game they have this weekend. Northwestern is very bad, with only one win so far on the season. This is the worst team the Buckeyes will face in the Big Ten, so this game definitely has no blowout potential. It should be a blast from the start.

Next week, the Ohio State football team takes on Indiana. IU is at least slightly better, but they are also bad. They only have three wins and only one of them is in Big Ten play. This game is also at home, so there is no potential cheating for this game either.

The last game before TTUN makes the trip to Columbus is Maryland. Maryland played hard at TTUN earlier this year and has a decent offense. They are 6-2 this season with their only losses coming to TTUN and Purdue by 2. Normally, I would say this has some cheating potential.

The problem for the Terrapins is that they get the Buckeyes right after traveling to Happy Valley. They will be drained from this game and it will probably be a loss. I don’t see them being able to upset the Buckeyes, even if they get to play this game at home.

Ohio State just needs to stay the course and bounce back before TTUN comes to town for this big clash of powers.

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