Pascal Siakam praised for his awesome 50 cent outfit – HotNewHipHop

Pascal Siakam praised for his awesome 50 cent outfit – HotNewHipHop

Pascal Siakam has quickly become one of the best big men in the entire NBA. Siakam entered the league as a player who had potential, but no one knew if he would be as good as Masai Ujiri thought it would be.

When the Raptors got Kawhi Leonard in 2018, Siakam woke up and showed the world that he was an incredible player. He helped the Raptors team to their first franchise championship and since then, Siakam has only improved on both ends of the court.

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Siakam has been fantastic this year and the Raptors are off to a decent start to the season. That said, this weekend was Halloween, which gave Siakam a chance to take a little break from the game and focus on dressing up for some Halloween festivities.

NBA players have all the money in the world to wear some dope outfits, and Siakam is proof of that. Below you can see what he dressed up as 50 Cent, and the costume is extremely accurate. From the hat to the vest to the chains, Siakam completely nailed this outfit.

Fans immediately took to Twitter where they praised Siakam for his outfit. This was probably the most creative costume from an NBA player over the weekend, even though Halloween isn’t over yet. The league still has a full day to do something better.

LeBron James has been known for some incredible costumes over the years, so maybe he can be the one to really pull it off. If not, it really looks like Siakam has a good case to keep that crown at the end of today.

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Let us know what you think of Siakam’s 50 Cent outfit in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to HotNewHipHop as we’re sure to bring you the latest news and updates from around the league.

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