Penguins leadership, big problems in Little Toronto

Penguins leadership, big problems in Little Toronto

They have similar stories with four straight losses in a different time zone, but likely very different results. The Pittsburgh Penguins are home for practice on Monday after a disastrous road trip out west. There may be some lineup changes. The Toronto Maple Leafs are back home after a disastrous road trip out west, and the Chiefs may be leaving the general manager via coach. Fortunately, the Toronto media is a quiet bunch prone to underreaction and not putting everyone on the NHL trade block. However, the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers are also logical trade partners.

And yes, I paraphrased Ron Swanson in Final Word.

Do all the trades. Wait, I’m worried you misunderstood. I didn’t say they do a lot of trading. Do ALL trades…

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates

Pittsburgh hockey now: Dave Molinari writes it’s now up to leadership like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. After a terrible road trip out west, the Penguins need spark, offense and help: The Pittsburgh Penguins‘ way out of this.

steelers now:

go boy Bad losses pile up. The players are cracking up too.

  • Najee Harris he said, “I can’t do it all.”
  • Kenny Pickett he calls out to his classmates for not studying.
  • Bill Cowher said the Steelers are killing it Kenny Pickettthe trust
  • Hunter Homistek writes the Steelers should send the Eagles a gift basket. It is a must read Steelers Monday.

I’m home from Seattle. Discombed, but let’s get back to work! Those tweets were apparently seen by all the Pittsburgh media, who then texted back if he was joking. The answer is: yes, my hotel in Seattle was that bad.

Full coverage of Penguins practice later today.

NHL Trade Talk, News and National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: Is it late October or time to panic about the Toronto Maple Leafs? After a bad road trip, Luke Fox writes that this is proof that Kyle Dubas hasn’t made it built a contender.

Go Phoenix: The city of Tempe will likely put a new track and arena district for the Arizona Coyotes on the ballot. wow.

Seriously, people NEVER vote TO spend tax payers money on big stages that the rich control to get richer. Not even Pittsburgh voted for PNC Park. How much longer are we going to do it in Arizona?

Montreal Hockey Now: Especially now, the Philadelphia Flyers are a perfect fit in the NHL’s trade market for the Montreal Canadiens.

NYI: What has changed? The New York Islanders they are scratching

Philly: The Hurricanes rallied to beat Carolina, but John Tortorella was positive. He was praised for his tithing Philadelphia Flyers.

Florida: Sasha Barkov is excited to score a goal. Not just for the goal, but for his new custom retro eighties goal song. Florida panthers fun

Detroit: Dylan Larkin is crying. He continues his top-notch performance for the Detroit Red Wings.

Dallas: There’s nothing FUN about fun-sized candy! There is immense respect for Bob Gainey, who is being honored, and the prospects are moving forward for Dallas stars.

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