Staggered rotation leads to more scoring

Staggered rotation leads to more scoring

After the Detroit Pistons opening night winthe young team has struggled to find its identity, quickly ending up in the middle of a five-game skid after that first game.

The Pistons have been looking for a spark to get their season going, and they may have found it after beating the defending champion Golden State Warriors to get it. losing streak.

Now, beating a team as outstanding and dynamic as the Warriors will give any team confidence. However, for the Pistons, their new roster is still figuring out how to play together and needs to see some growth to determine their own game.

With such a young and fairly new squad, the Rotation of the pistons it’s still a work in progress, and will likely continue to change as the season progresses. The rotation and distribution of minutes in the win against the Warriors was arguably the most successful so far this season, and could be a sign of how this team can bring out the best in each other going forward.

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Against the Warriors, every member of the Pistons who started at five scored at least 15 points, and four of those players scored 20 or more points.

The Pistons haven’t seen anything like this scoring distribution and efficiency this season. Part of that was due to coach Dwane Casey’s staggered minutes, which ensured there was a member of the starting lineup playing alongside the second unit to continue generating offense and get that player going individually

In fact, there was only one minute the entire game where there wasn’t a starter on the floor for the Pistons. This shows the importance Casey placed on making sure at least one of his key pieces was with the bench unit as a spark plug for the five on the court.

This led to the long-awaited splash of Saddiq Bey this season, scoring 28 points, as well as Isaiah Stewart’s career-high 24 points. Now, we can’t expect Stewart to go out and score 20 or more points every night, but I do think the strategy Casey used with these players proved to be effective in getting them going.

The starting lineup of Stewart, Bey, Cade Cunningham, Bojan Bogdanovic and Jaden Ivey are capable of scoring big individually every time they step on the floor. The problem with the Detroit Pistons this season has involved the offensive success of some hindering the success of the other.

Specifically with Bey, the acquisition of Bogdanovic has created a lesser amount of offensive opportunities for Bey than we’ve seen in the past. Against the Warriors, at certain points in the game, Bey was on the floor as the leader of the second unit, leading to more scoring chances that turned into seeing big shots fall in crunch time when his teammates holders returned to the ground.

That strategy worked for Ivey as well, allowing him to handle the ball more often down the court with the second unit, giving the rookie plenty of opportunities to generate offense against the defending champs. Allowing Ivey to run the offense at times will be crucial to his development in this league and potentially evolving into the Pistons’ second star alongside Cunningham.

The success the Pistons saw against the Warriors was greatly affected by the offensive contribution of all of their key players. Going forward, Coach Casey will have to find a way to continue to get each player to find their rhythm on a nightly basis. To do this, their rotations will need to have one of their leading scorers and distributors on the court at all times.

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