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Stanford tree mascot suspended for wearing ‘Stanford hates fun’ sign during game

Stanford tree mascot suspended for wearing ‘Stanford hates fun’ sign during game

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Trees don’t talk, but they can certainly make statements. The Stanford The mascot took to the football field with a sign that read “Stanford hates fun” during halftime of the game against ASU on Oct. 22. Since then, the student acting as the Tree has been suspended from being the Tree during the games.

“Stanford has decided to suspend the Tree for taking the field last game with a sign that says ‘Stanford Hates Fun’. The tree’s social media will be inactive for the next few months. See you soon,” read one tweet of the officer pet account on Sunday evening.

By ESPNa Stanford athletic department spokesman confirmed the suspension.

“Students who serve on the LSJUMB executive committee have suspended the Tree mascot due to a violation of the band’s policies and processes,” the statement said.

Seconds a report from Outkick, it all started as a result of a recent party that got out of hand in Palo Alto. The band was blamed for this even though it was reportedly not an official band event and the host of the party was not an active member of the band. The party’s signal appears to have been a response to Stanford’s administration tightening the reins.

The tree has been the school’s mascot since 1975. Fortunately for Stanford fans, they won’t be without their leafy cheerleader for their final two home games. In the same thread as the tweet announcing the suspension, the previous Tree announced that it would be leaving or retiring and taking over until the current Tree returns.

“Hi, the previous tree (#43) here,” read the twitter post. “Some of you have asked, so I’m clarifying that the leadership (Stanford Band) came to this decision according to established band policy. But don’t worry, I’ll be coming out of retirement until #44 returns in the winter “.

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