The New York Islanders sitting pretty after three impressive wins in a row

The New York Islanders sitting pretty after three impressive wins in a row

I went into yesterday’s game thinking that the New York Islanders he had already earned the “Success!” tag for your glove week of Stanley Cup contenders by defeating two of their division rivals, the New York Rangers i Carolina Hurricanes, in regulation Even if they lost against him Colorado Devessall, overall it would have been a very good week. When they went 3-0 down, I was a bit down, but I still stood by what I said. They already far exceeded my expectations for the week and already avoided the worst case scenario of 2-7, as I feared before.

Then, they went out and had even more success than I could have imagined. A three-goal comeback against the defending champions, including four goals in the third period? get out of here No way!

road And now the Isles are back above all-time and NHL .500 after reeling off three straight regular season wins against three straight Cup teams, each one more impressive than the last.

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About last night:
  • I want to declare them definitively “back” so bad, but Dom is probably right to not know what to make of this team after an extremely up-and-down first nine games of the season. One thing’s for sure, though: games will be a lot more fun overall. UBS Arena exploded in a way it hadn’t seen before — and hadn’t seen since Game 6 of the 2021 semifinal — when Anthony Beauvillier gave them the lead. Beau knows big goals. [LHH]
  • After the Avs’ third goal, Lane Lambert called a timeout and reinforced that they had been playing well and that they could and would come back. Noah Dobson scored on the next shift, and the rest was history. Also, Semyon Varlamov was shut down after three quick goals against. [Newsday]
  • An underrated part of the offensive outburst: two more goals from the defense. Dobson got the Isles on the board and gave the team and the crowd some juice, and Scott Mayfield was the recipient of Mathew Barzal’s stellar shift and look at the tying goal. [3 Takeaways]
  • I’ve been trying to find a clip of the full shift and haven’t been able to yet, but here’s the longest one I’ve seen so far; at least he captures Barzal’s endgame, recovering his own shot and taking four (!) Avs defenders, leaving Mayfield wide open down low.
  • The penalty streak is over, but the game was heralded as the league’s best power play against the league’s most penalties. So, if the streak is broken, this was the most honorable way to do it, and it was the only one they gave up. Also, Zach Parise, who scored the second goal, had nine shots on goal; Dobson had ten attempts, five of which found the back of the net. [Rapid Recap]
  • Hey, the comeback against the Cup champions even earned the Islanders top billing in the NHL dot com. “Isle Take That” headlines the dek. [NHL]
  • Whenever there’s a big comeback or some other big piece of history in a given game, Eric Hornick’s Skinny becomes even more essential. And this was one of the greatest comebacks in Isles history. [NYI Skinny]
Unrecapitated Bits:
  • Lambert said the Islanders have been doing the “little things” and that has helped them become more successful. [NY Post]
  • Also, the players reported that the system is coming to them more naturally. And the excitement sparked that resolve gene that they showed when they fell behind in 2020 and 2021. [The Athletic]
  • Before the puck dropped, the Islanders honored Josh Bailey for dressing the night before in his 1,000th game. He got the 1,000th framed jersey and silver stick, and three generations of his family joined him on the ice. It was a beautiful ceremony. [Newsday]
  • Devon Toews, who had an assist on Colorado’s third goal (and misplayed the freak drive that gave the Islanders the lead), had faced the Islanders before and was at UBS Arena , but is now a Stanley Cup champion. . The Isles players were happy for him if a little jealous.[Newsday]
  • Toews chatted with Shannon Hogan during the second intermission and talked about Bailey’s 1,000th game, speaking fondly of him and describing him as a “second father,” even though Bailey is less than five years older. [Twitter]
  • The Baby Isles scored six goals for the second night in a row, but this time they won! And through seven games, Ruslan Iskhakov has seven goals and eleven points as an AHL rookie (though a little higher than most AHL rookies). [B-Isles]
  • A lot has happened in 50 years of island hockey. We know all the big moments, obviously, but what about some of the underrated quirks? Noel Fogelman dives into one, specifically, the “one goal” club. [LHH Isles50]

In another part

Yesterday’s and last night’s NHL results include the Rangers who snapped their four-game losing streak in Dallas and the Penguins who continued their slump with a loss to Jordan Eberle and the Kraken.

  • It looks like Sean Couturier’s initial prognosis was correct, as he will have back surgery after all. [NHL] He will lose 3-4 months. There must be some concern given that this is his second back surgery. [The Athletic]
  • Justin Holl, defense of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been struggling under pressure. Also, Barry Trotz’s comments this week surely raised some eyebrows in NHL offices. To combine these thoughts with some speculation: It seems like a foregone conclusion that the Leafs fire Sheldon Keefe and replace him with Barry Trotz, right? [Sportsnet]
  • Now comes the article where the Leafs lost confidence in California, which was common ten years ago when all three were elite hockey teams. For this to happen now does not seem good, even considering intercontinental travel. So his character is called into question. I love it. [Sporstnet]
  • Larry Brooks sounds off about “competitive balance” in programming. Not only are there three Battle of New York games; there are also only three Battles of Pennsylvania and Battles of Alberta. In addition, Brooksie compares the current Leafs and their abject ramble thus far to the 1980 Islanders, a similarly elite team that, up to that point, had failed to make the playoffs and coasted through most of the following regular season. [NY Post]
  • Goaltender Devan Dubnyk officially retired from the NHL after playing 12 seasons. The Islanders were good in 2014-15, so I was paying close attention to hockey when Dubnyk, ten seasons away from being a first-round pick and carrying the big “bust” tag, was traded to the Minnesota Wild late that season for a seventh-round pick and completely turned his career around. happy trails [NHL]
  • In the Battle of Alberta, Flames winger Jonathan Huberdeau left the bench in the first period but returned. Darryl Sutter took the time to explain why:

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