What Robbie Gould claims Jalen Ramsey said during the 49ers-Rams skirmish

What Robbie Gould claims Jalen Ramsey said during the 49ers-Rams skirmish

INGLEWOOD — The rivalry between the 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams exists in every phase of the game, even on special teams, as seen in Sunday’s victory 31-14 49ers at SoFi Stadium.

Rarely does a kicker get into a physical altercation with a member of the opposing team, but it was nothing new for Robbie Gould, who clashed with Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey after a punt attempt.

Ramsey appeared to purposely “run into” Gould, who then had some words for the cornerback. Ramsey came back and put both hands on the 49ers’ kicker and gave a shove that got the referee’s attention, but no flag was thrown.

“It’s just a rivalry game,” Gould said after the game. “I think everybody understands the importance of that. I think he asked me for my shirt for Christmas, probably. That’s probably the easiest thing to say in these situations, but we won and we’re on to the next one.”

Long snapper Taylor Pepper shared that this wasn’t the first time Ramsey has added some extra physicality after a kick attempt. The 49ers special teams group knows exactly how to handle the situation.

“After last year I was told not to step so we could get a penalty,” Pepper said. “We know who Jalen is. We know all these guys. It’s a rivalry game in the NFL. He’s going to get overwhelmed, a lot of words are exchanged and he’s going to push buttons here and there.”

Gould, who dealt with a bruised knee after tackling a punt returner in the 49ers’ Week 6 game against the Carolina Panthers, isn’t afraid of a little physicality in games.

“I think any rivalry game is what it is,” Gould said. “He’s physical, he’s chippy, you respect them for what they’ve been able to do, but at the end of the day everybody here is trying to win a Super Bowl.”

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The The 49ers have now swept the Rams in their two-game season series and sit one game behind the Seattle Seahawks in the division. The importance of leaving Los Angeles with a win was critical.

While Pepper understands the competition between the two teams has been evident in all phases of the game, he is surprised that Gould has been specifically targeted by Ramsey.

“Not against a kicker, but he’s kind of a badass if you ask me,” Pepper said. “I like it. But now I’m staying out. I’m just monitoring and if it gets out of hand I’ll step in, but we’re trying to get a penalty if he does it again.”

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