Wife fulfills late husband’s promise by taking her son to see the Phillies in Game 3

Wife fulfills late husband’s promise by taking her son to see the Phillies in Game 3

Ramón Luis Santiago II was a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, a trait he no doubt passed on to his 6-year-old son and No. 1 Phillies fan, Tre.

“Actually, I think his greatest joy was the Phillies winning the World Series, the Eagles winning, and maybe our marriage a little bit below that,” explained his wife Sharon.

The Phillies and Eagles were Ramon’s life, and he made sure to take Philadelphia with him wherever his work as a DEA special agent took him.

“Every country we would go to, I would somehow always find an Eagles fan,” Sharon said. “He found an Eagles fan, and the next thing you know they were singing ‘Fly Eagles, Fly’ in another country.”

Ramón was on top of the world: a job he loved, the girl of his dreams, championship teams and even a new baby! However, Ramon was faced with the toughest challenge of his life when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“When Ramón was put on the chemo port, we equated him to Iron Man, because he has the button that gives him powers,” said his wife.


Ramón’s 18-month battle with cancer ended two weeks ago, just as the Phillies made a playoff push. The 51-year-old died as he lived: proud of his Phillies, his family and his son.

“It was the next day knowing they had made it to the finals. It was crazy.”

Sharon promised her husband that somehow, someway, if the Phillies made it to the World Series, she would take their son to a game.

“One of the last things I said to him: If they leave, I’m taking Tre to Philly,” he said. “That was one of the last things I said to him.”

Over the weekend, FOX 29’s Jason Martinez and his family surprised Sharon and Tre with tickets to Game 3.

Now, her World Series promise to Ramón is about to come true as she and son Tre head Citizens Bank Park for Game 3 – and no doubt Ramón will also be there with them!

Jason says it was meaningful for him to have his family by his side, as Tre’s face lit up when he held the tickets.

“It was a gift for me to be able to get my whole family involved,” Jason said. “The real gift was just seeing the smiles on their faces, even for a moment.”

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