World Series Day Off Open Forum

World Series Day Off Open Forum

No baseball today, and honestly, that might be a good thing. The emotional rollercoaster the fans have experienced in the last 48 hours has affected us all. JT Realmuto’s game-winning home run was something we might not have expected, and it took a full night’s sleep to process. Yesterday’s somewhat disappointing game may have left a sour taste in some people’s mouths, but for others, they realize that the team heading back to Philadelphia is in good shape, better than some people may have thought. they would be

What I wanted to do today was open a forum to talk about things you’ve noticed so far in the World Series. If it hasn’t become clear yet, the Phillies they absolutely belong on the same playing field as the Astros. While they’re certainly a very, very good team, they haven’t been the giant I think a lot of people expected going into this series.

The Phillies have been through with them.

So what do you like to talk about? How many complaints should be issued today? Maybe it’s one of the following topics:

  • Houston has hit both of the Phillies’ aces pretty well. With two more games (possibly) for both starters, is that a problem?
  • Rob Thomson, even in the loss, managed his bullpen very well again, which could pay immediate dividends on Monday. None of the bigs (Dominguez, Alvarado, Eflin, Robertson) were used Saturday and with today and Thursday off, all will be available for three games in a row. This is great.
  • Home field advantage will be very real tomorrow night. I’m not sure Houston knows what it’s for.
  • What do you think about Brandon Marsh and Bryson Stott sitting in favor of Edmundo Sosa and Matt Vierling? You could argue that both substitutions cost the Phillies a run on Saturday night, a run that turned out to be a big one. Should Thomson simply leave Marsh and Stott for the rest of the series, regardless of who starts in Houston?

Let’s talk about how we feel about this series as it moves to Philadelphia.

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