Chase Claypool already found a clever way to beat Chicago

Chase Claypool already found a clever way to beat Chicago

Chase Claypool he didn’t expect to be traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s never easy for a young player when that happens. He had gotten used to life in that dressing room and that city. Now he is forced to start over with a new team. Chicago is a different animal compared to Pittsburgh. Fans are notoriously hard to please, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Claypool would need some way to break the ice.

Looks like he found one. No one can say the young receiver doesn’t know his audience. Chicago is one of the most sports-crazy cities in the United States. They love all their franchises and cling to their history. So it was subtle brilliance when Claypool chose his favorite shoe brand for his first game as a Bear.

smart man Dipping your hat to the GOAT himself is an easy way to get a lot of people in your corner. One hopes these shoes carry him to a productive first start against the Miami Dolphins.

Chase Claypool is eager to prove something.

He was ostracized in Pittsburgh to a degree. Many accused him of being a diva for his presence on social media and for not being as committed to football. Combine that with the arrival of George Pickens via the draft, and the Steelers felt he was no longer worth keeping. This can sting anyone. Claypool has something to prove now, and that’s great for the Bears. Getting his talent alone was worth it. Making him hungry is even better.

There is also the contractual situation. Chase Claypool will enter the final season of his rookie deal in 2023. He’d probably prefer to get an extension before free agency becomes a factor. The best way to do that is to play well for the remaining nine games of the season. Forging a connection with Justin Fields is a priority. The two seem like a good fit from a skill perspective. One hopes it works.

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