Jets Kicker sinks Charlie Brown with an embarrassing kickoff

Jets Kicker sinks Charlie Brown with an embarrassing kickoff

Braden Mann Charlie Brown was full. You will never want to be complete Charlie Brown.

The New York Jets kicker got Gang Green off to the most embarrassing start Sunday against the Bills as he was facelifted after connecting (barely) on the opening kickoff, allowing Buffalo to begin its opening possession at their own 45-yard line.

Fortunately for the Jets, despite quarterback Josh Allen connecting with Stefon Diggs on a 42-yard reception on the first offensive play, no harm was done as Allen threw an interception in the red zone to return the ball to the Jets.

You can watch the video here.

The first shot, unsurprisingly, sparked a huge backlash on Twitter with many slamming Mann for the humorous blunder.

The Bills entered the Match of the week 9 like a double digit betting favouriteand they certainly don’t need any extra help from the Jets to get a win.

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Thumbnail photo via New York Jets player Braden Mann

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