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Ohio State vs. Northwestern Football: Defensive Ratings

Ohio State vs. Northwestern Football: Defensive Ratings

The Ohio State football team knew the weather conditions were going to make things difficult against Northwestern. I’m not sure I expected them to be this hard as they were, though. The Buckeyes ended up winning 21-7 thanks to the defense. Here’s how each unit plays.

The weather certainly helped, but the Buckeyes played better on the defensive line. While the sacks didn’t pile up like they did against Penn State, they made it tough for Northwestern to go for when they tried a few times.

Northwestern ran for 206 yards in the game, but that was on 59 carries. The defensive line did a good job for the most part plugging holes. This unit is starting to play some good football late in the year and they need to continue to do so.

Tommy Eichenberg keeps making big plays. He again led the Ohio State football team in tackles with 13 of them, including one for a loss. He did a good job of shooting on run blitzes to help stop the run in the second half. Steele Chambers added 8 tackles and also a tackle for loss.

Ohio State’s secondary didn’t get many opportunities to defend passes. When they did, they did a good job, only allowing Northwestern to rush for 79 yards. What impressed me was Ronnie Hickman’s ability to crash and stop the race.

Hickman had 10 tackles and was the Buckeyes’ second-leading tackler. He is known to be a great batsman and he played with that reputation in this one. Ohio State needs to continue to play the run as well as the pass, especially when Michigan comes to town.

The defense played solid in a game that was built for them. We’ll see how they play next week against another bad team in Indiana.

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