Dallas Stars Daily Links: A brand new team

Dallas Stars Daily Links: A brand new team

It’s hard not to see it Dallas stars this season and you wonder if you haven’t slipped into a parallel universe. In seasons past, the Stars have proudly defended their “boring” style of play, as winning one-goal, low-scoring games was the key to success.

This year? Their offense is firing on all cylinders:

They lead games more often than any other team in the NHL, their 36:46 per game is almost six minutes more than second place Boston. Likewise, the Stars spend just 5:58 per game trailing, more than three minutes less than second-place Vegas. In Dallas’ 12 games, he has scored first a league-high 10 times.

It’s not just about establishing the lead, it’s what they do once they have it. In years past, the Stars would start “torturing” once they were ahead, trying to prevent more goals from being scored. neither side But under Pete DeBoer, the stars are still at your throat:

“Last year, obviously, and the year before that, we were in a lot of one-goal games,” Stars forward Jason Robertson said. “So we stand up for a couple, it’s to play with the same rhythm and limit their chances and still try to go for the other one.”

“We try to play the same way all the time,” [Jamie] Benn said. “If we score a couple of goals or go down by one or two, we play aggressive hockey, fast hockey. Right now, we’re playing with a lot of advantages and playing the right way with them.”

You can read more about Matthew DeFranks here.

Stories of stars

Saad Yousuf takes a deep dive into how the Stars have built what appears to be a dominant team:

Another key to their success? Jason Robertson, who continues his rise to NHL superstardom:

Around the League

The Boston Bruins have released Mitchell Miller after just two days in response to the well-deserved backlash they received for making such a terrible decision:

The Premier Hockey Federation season is officially underway:

Alexander Ovechkin has broken the scoring record. Wait, no, not that:

Matthew Tkachuk has been suspended for two games:

Is Tkachuk the latest in a line of superstar players being held back by disciplinary issues?

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