Flyers 2, Senators 1: Claude Giroux disappointment for his teammates once again in a Flyers game

Flyers 2, Senators 1: Claude Giroux disappointment for his teammates once again in a Flyers game

A quick one here tonight, because sometimes the Flyers play a hockey game between the home football team that gives away their first chance at a championship in really impressive fashion and the home baseball team that plays in the game 6 of the World Series, and as such there is only so much attention we are available to give. But on a night where the Flyers faced off for the first time against the guy who has a pretty solid case to be known as the second-best player in franchise history, Claude Giroux was probably right at home in this one match, as he managed to see two things that probably looked very familiar to him:

  1. The Philadelphia Flyers were playing hockey.
  2. Claude Giroux had to watch as he did everything in his power to get his team the win, only to be let down by his teammates.

He just…probably wasn’t used to those two things not meaning the same thing.

A few notes, then, about the Flyers’ 2-1 win in Ottawa that helped them partially salvage this three-game road trip with a win:

  • Claude Giroux scoring a goal, his 300th of his career, in just his second shift of the game, was absolutely stunning. good for him
  • After that though…not a bad game for the Flyers? A fairly even game until Ottawa turned up the pressure in the final 10 minutes of regulation in search of a tie, which they would never find.
  • Still, the story in this one, as it has been in basically every Flyers win this season, is Carter Hart. 31 saves on 32 shots. A goal allowed in Much more than expected. He continues to hold this team more or less on his own, even if he gets it done tonight little bit offensive support
  • A good performance from the penalty spot tonight, keeping Ottawa off the scoreboard on five attempts.
  • More than one moment between Giroux and his former teammates, including two with Kevin Hayes. Probably nothing, but, you know…it’s not nothing.

That’s all for now. He will be back at home against the Blues on Monday.

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