Sabers present a revamped red and black Goathead jersey

Sabers present a revamped red and black Goathead jersey

Three goats posed around an auxiliary locker room at KeyBank Center while being filmed by multiple cameras for a live stream on the Buffalo Sabres’ Twitter account Monday morning.

The countdown clock started at 40 minutes. And when it got down to zero, a promotional video was played revealing fans and players had asked for the shirt to be returned.

As the Sabres’ goal horn sounded in the video, defenseman Rasmus Dahlin emerged from a plume of smoke wearing the new red and black third jersey emblazoned with the Goathead logo worn by the club from 1996-2006.

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Featuring the same stripes on the black jersey, the new look features a revamped white bison head logo, known as the Goathead, with different shadow, horn and outline details. The jersey numbers now feature three colors instead of just two and the sock stripe pattern has been changed.

“I couldn’t be more excited to put this jersey on,” Syracuse-area native Sabers winger Alex Tuch told The Buffalo News in August. “I was excited to put on the Sabers jersey that we have now. I might be shivering putting on this goat head t-shirt. Honestly, that’s when it’s going to be surreal.”

As the Sabers announce their new retro reverse jerseys, take a look at the jerseys the team has worn over the years.

The ‘B’ sword logo remains the secondary branding with a set of shoulder patches, slightly simplified to give the shirt a clean look. Fans and players won’t have to wait long to get on the ice at KeyBank Center.

The Sabers will wear the alternate jersey for 12 home games this season, beginning Nov. 23 against St. Louis. The rest of the calendar is as follows: December 4 against Sant Josep; Dec. 13 vs. Los Angeles; Dec. 23 vs. Tampa Bay; Dec. 29 vs. Detroit; Jan. 7 vs. Minnesota; Jan. 21 vs. Anaheim; Feb. 26 vs. Washington, 1; March 4 vs. Philadelphia; March 11 vs. New York Rangers, 5; March 24 vs. New Jersey, April 13 vs. Ottawa.

Unveiled in 1996 for the opening of the then-Marine Midland Arena, the original red and black jerseys were the first major branding change for the franchise since its inception in 1970. The Buffalo logo, which columnist d ‘hockey of the Buffalo News, Jim Kelley, coined. “Goathead”, was not well received by many fans.

However, he became beloved when the Sabers began to have success with the jerseys. The Sabers wore red and black for their trips to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1998, 1999 and 2006, and for the scoreless six-game loss to Dallas in the 1999 Stanley Cup Final.

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