Monday morning flight: Abolish daylight savings time

Monday morning flight: Abolish daylight savings time

*The flyers he faced our old friend Claude Giroux for the first time since he was traded, and it was… very strange. [BSH]

*In case anyone needed a reminder, Carter Hart is really good. [BSH]

*Alex Ovechkin is also very good. He just set the NHL record for most goals scored with one team. [ESPN]

*And speaking of the Capitals, our old friend Nic Aube-Kubel was waived by the Leafs and claimed by the Caps, so he’s back on the subway. [Sportsnet]

* We are one month into the season and that is what everyone should be concerned about. [The Athletic]

*Leafs goalies look cursed. [TSN]

* Hey look, a new 32 thoughts podcast! [Sportsnet]

*And finally, for a quick recap of whatever is going on in Boston: The Bruins signed Mitchell Miller, who was convicted of racially abusing and harassing a classmate in 2016, and the Bruins players didn’t they want in the league he wasn’t aware of their intentions to sign him, and he isn’t even eligible to play in the NHL. [ESPN]

*And he might not even be eligible to play in the AHL.

*And oh look at this, in the hour since the first Fly by draft ended and we said all that, the Bruins dropped him. [Bruins]

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