Quick Hits: The To your Health Edition

Quick Hits: The To your Health Edition

Red Wings roar in game with slumping Canadiens – CBS

Montreal will look to snap a three-game losing streak in their return visit. In their last outing, the Canadiens lost at home to Las Vegas 6-4 on Saturday.

We are doomed.

As a reminder, Josh Anderson won’t be in this one.

After talking with some scouts and coaches, the idea of ​​getting a higher education while still having the opportunity to play hockey stuck with Olkinuora when he traveled back to Finland.

“While I was [home], I was emailing all the coaches and made my own highlight videos. I sent about 60 emails [college] team coaches and most of them never responded,” explained Olkinuora. “That kept me very motivated to come back, but no college wanted to take me out of the junior league in Finland. So I had to come and play in the USHL.”

Sheahan came into the NHL with Mike Babcock and then worked with Blashill. I hope he is able to continue to work positively on himself.

They thought they could get away with it. – Chowder’s Stanley Cup

The Bruins landed in a quagmire of their own making because they thought it wouldn’t matter. They were wrong, but this is not the end.

I’m not taking any snippets of this because I think reading it in its entirety and ruminating on it would be helpful.

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