With the Reverse Retro jersey, the Flyers are ready to “own” the Cooperalls look again

With the Reverse Retro jersey, the Flyers are ready to “own” the Cooperalls look again

VOORHEES, NJ – An image of Mark Howe hitting Cooperalls was the perfect selling point.

When Flyers equipment director Rick Bronwell mentioned the old-school look to team senior vice president of marketing Mark Zarthar, he showed him a photo of the Hockey Hall of Famer .

There was Howe, sporting those long black pants with an orange stripe down the side.

“He’s like, ‘Oh man, can we do it?’ Bronwell said.

Zarthar was totally on board. Bronwell loved it.

The Flyers, who wore the Cooperalls for two seasons in the 1980s, are warming them up again for eight games this season. The reason for the throwback style is to go with it adidas Reverse Retro 2022-23 club shirt.

“It’s part of us,” Bronwell said Monday, “let’s be it.”

The team will sport the Cooperalls and new jersey for the first time Tuesday when they host the Blues (7 p.m. ET/NBCSP).

Cooperatives have long been history. Players slide more dangerously in them when they hit the ice.

They also didn’t have the cleanest look, almost like sweatpants, and weren’t ideal for a goalkeeper if the other team was wearing black.

In Philadelphia, however, they are treated like a badge of honor.

I can’t forget them.

Philadelphia Flyers

Travis Sanheim sports the Flyers’ Cooperalls and Reverse Retro jersey.

“I’m fascinated with them because as cool as they are, they’re stupid,” Bronwell said with a laugh. “They don’t make any sense, like nobody should be wearing them.

“You go down one end, you go full speed, you don’t stop. You crash into the tables unless you get up to stop.”

To pay tribute to the team’s history, the organization is excited to see the Cooperalls on Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center.

Bronwell said the players were excited about the idea of ​​bringing them in when word got out over the summer. He asked Philly Express to make them all nylon. Bronwell also wanted to make sure they were as comfortable as possible for the players. They will feature a 30-inch zip that goes up to the knee, so they can be easily removed before the game.

“I need something that goes beyond the current socks, pants and shins situation,” Bronwell said of his request to the Philly Express. “So the guys will dress normally, put on their game socks, put on their hockey pants and just put them on.

“As long as we’re in the room ready to help get them out after the warm-up, I don’t think it’s going to affect anything in the day-to-day operations. They’re just getting dressed as normal.”

And throw it back in a cool way.

“The Philly Express knocked it out of the park,” Bronwell said.

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