Conor Sheary’s controversial head hit Filip Hallander: Is further discipline coming?

Conor Sheary’s controversial head hit Filip Hallander: Is further discipline coming?

Conor Sheary he’s not a big man, but he had a devastating hit during the third period of the Capitals-Penguins game. How was it or it wasn’t was a talking point on TNT during and after the game.

Sheary found himself in hot water after being whistled under two minutes for an illegal head check on the Penguins defenseman Philip Hallander.

Hallander got his stick on a pass from Ovechkin, deflecting it away from the intended target and then away. Sheary, charging hard down the right, collided with Hallander as he tried to get into a scoring opportunity.

Hallander was injured on the play and went down the tunnel to the locker room.

On the TNT broadcast, former players Eddie Olczyk and Keith Jones believed there was intent behind Sheary’s hit after seeing it on multiple different replays seconds after it happened. There were also suggestions he could get additional discipline.

“Yes, he did,” Jones said when asked if Hallander with Sheary’s chicken wings. “This cannot happen. To me, that’s a significant penalty every time you take that chicken wing out.”

A chicken wing is essentially when a player raises their elbow while skating by someone to deliver a check to their head.

After the game, TNT’s studio team of Paul Bissonnette, Rick Tocchet and Anson Carter came to a different conclusion. Bissonnette shared his opinion that Sheary grabbed Hallander by the back and kept his arm at his side, believing the two-minute penalty was more than enough.

The hit felt like one of those hockey plays gone wrong, where due to strange circumstances, an unfortunate outcome occurred through no fault of anyone on the ice. But the Department of Player Safety has suspended players for less.

If there’s any evidence that maybe Sheary’s hitting will explode, it’s the lack of reaction in opposing teams’ locker rooms. Capitals head coach Peter Laviolette was not asked about Sheary’s penalty. The Penguins didn’t seem to talk about it either.

Headline photo: Alan Dobbins/RMNB

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