The lesson Eagles’ Jordan Mailata learned from the Texans’ disappointment

The lesson Eagles’ Jordan Mailata learned from the Texans’ disappointment

Nick Sirianni tried to take the blame for those two terrible sacks that Jordan Mailata allowed in the Eagles-Texans game.

Mailata did not leave him.

“You know, I’ll take full responsibility for both (because) we weren’t in sync,” Sirianni said Friday, a day after the Eagles beat the Texans to improve to 8-0. “We weren’t in sync with our protection and our route concepts and that’s 100 percent on me and no one else.”

Mailata doesn’t buy it.

“He brought it up to us in the team meeting, but still, as an offensive lineman, I should keep the guy in front of me, and it’s not on the coach,” Mailata said. “I get paid to pass protect and run block and I didn’t do my job on those two plays.”

With the Eagles off for a few days between a Thursday night game and a Monday night game, Thursday was Mailata’s first chance to talk about the two ugly sacks of Jerry Hughes he allowed, which forced the Eagles to punt from deep in their own territory in a 14-14 game.

Hughes, a 34-year-old edge rusher who is having the best year of his career in his 13th season, ran untouched past Mailata on both sacks, making him look like an undrafted rookie in his first week. of OTA.

“Do it like this? In prime time? Beep It was pretty blip,” he said. “It was pretty bad on my part and I hate to see Jalen get hurt and I just have to play at a high level and a level that we’ve been playing at all year.”

What did Mailata tell Hurts?

“Always take it first and then say, ‘I’m so sorry, buddy,'” he said.

“He came up to me on the bench and said, ‘Yeah, give me one more second and I’ve got you.'”

Everyone on this team constantly echoes Sirianni’s mantra of taking things one game at a time, one practice at a time, one snapshot at a time. That’s how they always stay so even.

Whether you just made an amazing move or a terrible one, you forget about it and move on.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

“We have that next play mentality, but it’s really hard when you feel like you’re letting the team down, the coaches and the fans down,” he said.

After Hughes’ second sack left the Eagles with a fourth-and-12 at their own 15-yard line, Mailata headed to the sideline as Arryn Siposs prepared to punt.

“I didn’t want to talk to anybody,” he said. “I was really upset. I’m like, ‘You’ve got to get to the next play,’ but I’m like, ‘Bleep, I can’t believe that happened.’ You get to the next play ? ‘Bleep, I’m so sorry’. I really had to move on.”

Not surprisingly, Hurts had a few words of wisdom for Mailata when Mailata was feeling down.

“‘You don’t have to be down, just focus on your technique, focus on what we’ve all been trained to do and try to go out there and do it,'” he told Mailata.

“I have all the confidence in the world in all the guys on the field, and they know it, and I’m glad to see that Jordan looks me in the eye and has the same confidence in me.”

Mailata is one of the best left tackles in football. He had allowed just two sacks all year before allowing two in the three-game span.

“You don’t do the right thing, you’re going to feel it and that’s what other teams and other people don’t understand about Philly fans, so it was hard for me to let go because I felt like I let the world down,” he said.

“And once that 24-hour period passed, you know, I had to really focus on the setup and not the setback. How can I prevent that from happening next time?

‚ÄúThat’s what separates the good players from the greats, the ability to deal with adversity. This was another great lesson I learned. I need to learn to deal with adversity faster. This is what great players do.

“And I thought I was great at it, but it humbled me. I thought I was great at it until I gave up those two sacks, but it was hard to deal with. I’ve always been that next-game kind of mentality. Bleep , it humbled me. I still have to work on that.”

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