NHL Style Power Rankings: Socks, Ties and Outlandish Suits Steal the Show

NHL Style Power Rankings: Socks, Ties and Outlandish Suits Steal the Show

To wear socks or not to wear socks? That was the question with this week’s NHL Style Rankings. There were flashy bows and even more dresses capturing the past two weeks.

Patrick Laine he’s not playing fair with the rest of the field. He can’t win every week, but he sure makes a good case. We had players using their surroundings to enhance their court shots, while others leaned in for a little holiday cheer.

So did Laine keep her top spot, or did someone new usurp the previous ranking winner?

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10. Good Horvat

It’s not very often that I see someone wearing a specialized jacket—in this case, a blue double stripe—and choose not to wear matching pants. But that’s exactly what the Vancouver Canucks center (right) went for on Wednesday when he paired his jacket with dark blue, possibly black pants. Because of the black bag and shoes, there’s a part of me that’s convinced the pants are black, which I think sets this outfit apart even more. If someone decides to go that route, I usually see the opposite piece in the same color family.

Did someone ask for rain with a chance of dripping? The Tampa Bay Lightning The center and captain (below left) entered Tuesday’s game in a pinched gray check suit and added a bit of excitement with his burgundy tie. What really makes this particular photo cool is the blacked-out Bentley truck behind Stamkos. This is how you roll in style.

NHL Style Power Rankings: Socks, Ties and Outlandish Suits Steal the Show

(Courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins)

“@pojoseph wins just because of the socks”, said his brother, Mathieu Joseph of the Ottawa Senators, and who am I to argue with someone as stylish as him? I mean, have you all seen her Instagram? He clearly knows what he’s talking about. You can’t go wrong with waffle socks, people! Yes, the brown plaid suit, brown polka dot tie, and brown shoes are prime examples of wearing different variations of the same color, but keep it focused. We’re here for the waffle socks, and the confidence to break those bad boys!

Kudos to the Toronto Maple Leafs team photographer for snapping a shot of these beauties in the far left corner. The suit itself is simple in both a traditional color and matching black tie, but Bunting shows some personality by throwing in these fantastic socks. My only question is, what does the fox really say? I couldn’t resist bringing up the trending song from almost a decade ago.

I warned you two weeks ago that my affinity for blue dresses would show up from time to time. The Lightning defenseman (below right) gave me all the excuse I needed to dive into his deep ocean blue suit. I would have preferred the brown shoes to completely match this fit, but that’s just me being dainty and traditional. What landed Sergachev in this week’s style rankings, however, is his draw. He let everyone who saw him come in know that he was coming into the game with the eye of the tiger behind him.

Instead of going with a traditional suit to match his fit, the Ottawa Senators defenseman (below left) decided to trade it up for a gray coat. I love the little tweaks. It’s incredibly easy to throw on your suit jacket and call it a day. Especially when the pants are checked, and that doesn’t just go with anything. Not with this guy though. Bernard-Docker changed into a jacket to match the gray color of the trousers, then donned a greyish-blue steel tie to add another dimension to this suit. And looking at the shirt more closely, it looks like it’s because it has blue dots.

An all-black dress with texture to give it a little glam? Sign me up for this. The Washington Capitals The defender (right) shows the boys how to pull off a monochromatic outfit with a bit of edginess. It’s exquisitely tailored, and Irwin’s barber made sure not a single hair was out of place before hitting the cameras, too.

This combo gets a standing ovation from me. Do you all know how many times I’ve seen someone get married in a dark blue dress with a cream shirt or turtleneck? Too many times to count. Here, the Detroit Red Wings the defender (far right) not only eschews a collared or light-colored shirt; instead, he doubles the dark blue with a turtleneck to match the color of his striped dress. Bold choice, but it hooks the landing fabulously. I’m also eyeing the double-breasted vest, making this three-piece suit a real boss.

2. Patrick Laine

Mama, that man is back! Since returning from his elbow injury, Laine has hit the track scene with a vengeance, making up for lost time. He continues to make outfits that would deservedly put him on top week after week. I appreciate her creativity and boldness as she pulls off this blue and brown dress with ease. I think the blues between the dress and the hat are different, but I also recognize that there are probably very few hats that would have matched the fit here. Not everyone is willing to be as adventurous as him Columbus blue jackets side, so it will take a lot to get it down from the top. A lot of people work hard, but Laine’s stylist clearly work harder

Cole Caufield (Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images)

With this wonderful burgundy check dress, bright green pocket bag and there are no matching socksthe Montreal Canadiens The far-right suit fits him like a dream, which is obvious, because he looks at the smile on Caufield’s face. This guy knows he’s doing style and profile. The double-breasted suit is a showstopper, although he opted for a simple white shirt with a black tie – I would have liked a burgundy tie here. But you know what Caufield pushed me over the edge? This outfit gives me a Christmas vibe, like a fancy wrapping paper offering. Her outfit is the gift that keeps on giving, which is what gave her the edge over Laine for the top spot this week.

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