Alex Newhook doesn’t meet Jared Bednar’s standard

Alex Newhook doesn’t meet Jared Bednar’s standard

The Colorado Devessall had a real chance to go into the night with a 5-on-3 lead with just minutes left in the third and final period of their loss to the St. Louis Blues on Monday night. The Avalanche turned in a solid performance in a game with some missed open nets and flukey deflection goals. Those who were grateful for the ice did everything they could to get the win, but it didn’t add up. Those who seemed absent from the ice in key moments quickly became the talking point of the postgame chatter. Where was Alex Newhook and why was he kept off the ice for the last half hour of play?

Newhook and Jared Bednar seem to agree that it doesn’t meet the standards they both have, but I imagine it’s frustrating to be riding the pine when you still have a lot to prove.

Bednar made his expectations clear to Moser, Lombardi and Kane via Altitude Sports Radio this morning. Bedsy likes to see Newhook “use his speed and attack” the zone while limiting turnovers and staying in solid position. That might be a tough ask for such a young man, but it’s what comes with the role of 2C if he’s serious about one day.

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