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Jim More’s UConn Huskies are bowl eligible

Jim More’s UConn Huskies are bowl eligible

Seven years after appearing in its final postseason game, the UConn football team is back in the conversation.

The Huskies, under first-time coach Jim More, won their sixth game since upset of 19th ranked Liberty last week. Six wins guarantees a .500 record, the minimum requirement for bowl consideration.

But it’s not that easy for UConn, which ends its regular season Saturday at Army.

As an independent program with no conference affiliation, UConn does not have a contractual path to a bowl invitation. There are 41 bowl games, excluding the two games that are part of the College Football Playoff.

Most of the 82 slots are tied to conferences. There are so-called “at-large” spots, and if the conference lacks six-win teams, Bowles can consider alternatives.

So, as UConn ends its season, there are a lot of hands on the school. But one thing is certain: UConn can improve its bowl resume with a seventh win on Saturday.

“I think 7-5 versus 6-6 is a big difference in terms of optics, in terms of perception and moment,” said Cheshire native Nick Carparelli, head of the organization that oversees and assists the bowl games. “6-6 is a record that barely meets the requirements for a bowl game, and while that’s a huge accomplishment for UConn given its expectations, 7-5 just looks different and feels different. Adding to the fact that winning your last game heading into a bowl makes everyone more excited.”

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