Could the Yankees steal the Red Sox’s top free agent target?

Could the Yankees steal the Red Sox’s top free agent target?

Could the Yankees steal the Red Sox’s top free agent target?

You’d rather have Xander Bogaerts to the Los Angeles Dodgers with Mookie Betts or Xander Bogaerts in stripes with the New York Yankees?

Unfortunately, either nightmare scenario could become reality now that Boston Red Sox they let Bogaerts hit free agency.

This week, Jon Heyman, MLB reporter reported that the Yankees have “touched base with Bogaerts” in addition to other superstar shortstops in this year’s free agent class, Carlos Correa and Trea Turner. The shortstop position has been a bit of a black hole for the Yankees in recent years since Didi Gregorius left for the Phillies before the 2020 season.

Could the Yankees steal Xander Bogaerts from the Red Sox?

Bogaerts, who made it abundantly clear that he only wants to play in Boston his entire career, has a deluge of suitors as a free agent; Everyone seems to be smarter than the Sox. The Dodgers, Phillies, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals are among those said to be willing to give Bogaerts what Boston won’t. But even worse than losing Bogaerts to either of them, especially the Dodgers, would be seeing him in pinstripes for most of the next decade. Even with the divisional play of the season series being reduced from 19 to 13 next year to account for more interleague competition,

Hopefully, the Yankees are just asking Bogaerts to sting the Sox, as many speculate Boston is doing with Aaron Judge. They have Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe at home to compete for the shortstop gig, and it’s hard to see Bogaerts choosing the Bronx over Boston or anywhere else. Of course, these rivalry shenanigans will only be fun if a) the Yankees don’t get Bogaerts and b) the Red Sox do.

Losing Xander Bogaerts is unacceptable. But if the Sox lose Xander Bogaerts to the Yankees, they might as well shut down the franchise and go into Witness Protection.

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