Travis Kelce said he turned off the TV when Taylor Heinicke celebrated the game-ending penalty

Travis Kelce said he turned off the TV when Taylor Heinicke celebrated the game-ending penalty

Travis Kelce is an NFL tight end. And he was watching Monday Night Football when the Washington Commanders took on the NFL’s last undefeated team, the Philadelphia Eagles, earlier this week.

Well, according to Kelce, it didn’t make it to the end of the game.

Why not?

With Washington leading 26-21, quarterback Taylor Heinicke lined up on third-and-7 at the 50-yard line. The Eagles had a timeout remaining, so stopping the Commanders would put the ball in their own territory with about 1:30 left and no timeouts.

Heinicke takes the snap, looks for an open receiver downfield, sees nothing, and cautiously takes a knee instead of forcing the ball into coverage and allowing Philadelphia to use its final timeout.

The two Eagles defenders converged on Heinicke, who had already surrendered himself. Philadelphia defensive end Brandon Graham made contact with Heinicke, which led to an automatic penalty. Heinicke knew it too. And he was excited.

Graham was called for unnecessary roughness, giving Washington a first down and essentially ending the game.

Heinick celebrated.

According to Kelce, seeing Heinicke celebrate led him to turn off the TV.

Kelce said this next week on his podcast: “New Heights.”

“I’ve never seen a quarterback get that excited about roughing the passer,” Kelce said. “I don’t know why that rubbed me the wrong way, man. I was like, “I’m out of here.” I turned off the TV when he got so excited. I said, ‘We’re looking forward to it, man.'”

Of course you cut the TV, Travis. Your brother plays for the Eagles. And he’s also the host of your podcast. You were upset that his team lost. That makes sense.

So you’re saying you’ll never ask for a pass interference flag again? And you won’t celebrate a flag giving your offense a first down? come

Finally, who cares.

Heinicke was excited and almost any quarterback in his skin would have been excited. As Terry McLaurin has said more than once, Heinicke plays every game — every game — like it’s his last. Two years ago at this time, he was done with football, finished college and living off his sister’s couch.

Yes, he was excited. So are Washington fans.

And if you think a flag – a legitimate penalty – is why Philadelphia lost the game, then you haven’t seen the first 58 minutes and 15 seconds. The Eagles would still have to drive the length of the field and score a touchdown, which was far from a guarantee with how Washington’s defense was playing.

To Jason Kelce’s credit, he showed respect to the Commanders and Heinicke in how they played.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire

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