Yankees players compared to 2022 FIFA World Cup squads: Part 1

Yankees players compared to 2022 FIFA World Cup squads: Part 1

Yankees players compared to 2022 FIFA World Cup squads: Part 1

In case you missed it, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off tomorrow. Love of baseball obviously does not necessarily correlate with love of all sports, football included. There are a lot of people that the World Cup is the only thing they see in this sport. To help them, I tried to compare Yankees players in the 32 teams that will compete. Here is the first part!

(Note: Since this World Cup comes after the baseball season ends, I’m going with the 2022 Yankees, so some players, including one very notable one, who aren’t technically on the roster right now are still counting for purposes. of this exercise).


Jose Trevino he was a nice surprise for the Yankees in 2022. He made an All-Star team and was mostly good, but he’s also not someone you’d put in the cleanup spot in the lineup. Ecuador’s qualification outside the deep and talented South American region is a pleasant surprise, but it seems unlikely that they will be close to winning it all.


The Dutch are back at the World Cup after failing to qualify for the 2018 tournament. Not only are they back, they are also considered among the favorites despite the slump that kept them out of the last edition. Matt Carpenter This year he also returned to the big time after some time away.


Qatar hosts (controversially) this edition of the World Cup. They have some pedigree, having won the most recent Asian Cup. However, no one knows exactly what to expect from them in this tournament. Frankie Montas.


Just a couple of days before Senegal kicked off their tournament, they received the news that their star player, Sadio Mané, will miss the World Cup with a leg injury. While they have other good players and probably weren’t going to make a semifinal even with him healthy, it’s still a massive blow. In the same way, Michael King’s the injury dealt a pretty big blow to the Yankees in 2022.


England go into this tournament with an immensely talented squad and are amongst the betting favourites. However, between the team and their fans, they carry the weight of history and their inability to live up to the expectations that have surrounded them since they won their only World Cup in 1966. Giancarlo Stanton he’s one of the Yankees, but between his injury history and his salary, it seems like he’ll always be painted with a certain brush among a group of Yankee fans.


In World Cup qualifying, Iran allowed just eight goals in the 18 games they played. That’s fine, but it was also against the competition in the Asian qualifying region, and it seems unlikely to allow them to make a deep run at the tournament. You look at them and think “huh, maybe,” but the answer is probably no. Miguel Castro.


The current USMNT The roster is fairly young which gives a lot of hope for the future and has shown flashes of something potentially very fun. Whether that potential is ever fully realized remains to be seen, but it does exude some of it Oswaldo Cabrera– vibrations


I like Harrison Bader Apparently overjoyed to be back playing for the team he rooted for as a child, Wales are delighted to have made their first World Cup appearance since 1958. However, don’t mistake the happiness for to have passed completely to the opponents.


One of the best countries historically, Argentina is expected to be a candidate for this year’s tournament again. Anthony Rizzo He’s not exactly the generational talent that a Lionel Messi is, but he was and is seen as an integral part of the Yankees.


Mexico is a fixture at the World Cup and almost always a solid bet to get out of the group stage. They have reached the last 16 in every tournament since 1994. Their reliability is felt “every day” Wanda Peralta I like.


On paper, Poland look like a solid squad, led by star striker Robert Lewandowski. On paper, I’ve thought they’ve looked pretty decent in several past tournaments, and at times they’ve been pretty good, but not great. Especially lately, Aaron Hicks It has often looked on paper like what the Yankees have needed, but the post-contract extension hasn’t been great.

Saudi Arabia

You need 32 teams in a tournament and 26 players on an MLB roster. Marvin Gonzalez.


This is the latest I found out, so…Ron Marinaccio.


At the EURO 2020 tournament, Danish star Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch and nearly died. Fortunately, his life was saved and he has since even returned to the field and to the Denmark team. However, without him at EURO 2020, his side still managed an inspiring run to the semi-finals. They won over a lot of neutral fans during that run and it’s easy for us to root for them. Getting this far is a good achievement and proof that they are also a very good team. This makes me think Nestor Corteswhich is another good story that should not be taken lightly either.


In terms of sheer talent, France’s defenders are arguably the best in the tournament. The problem is that there are some questions. For France, it’s the fact that they are dealing with a few injuries and the odd fact that the former World Champions haven’t progressed from the group stage since 2006. Aaron Judge, there’s the whole issue that he’s a free agent and the Yankees are not guaranteed to bring him back. However, if these questions are answered, oh baby, watch out.


They exist and will compete in this year’s World Cup. Lucas Luetge

Come back tomorrow for the remaining 16 teams.

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