Analysis of Angels: a range of games

Analysis of Angels: a range of games

I was years old today when I learned that gambit and gamut were different words. I was going to title this article “The Kings Gambit,” until a vocabulary lesson on the flight home educated me on the different. However, in terms of a range, we saw almost every angle of the LA Kings on this four-game road trip. The Kings Gamut? so close……

We saw perhaps the best and the worst in the first two games, with the loss to Calgary on the wrong end of the scale and the win over Edmonton on the right end. The loss against the Flames was one of the lowest we’ve seen from this team this season, while Wednesday’s win over the Oilers was perhaps the best win of the young season. Back-to-backs against Vancouver and Seattle fell somewhere in between, with an all-out effort against the Canucks and a tough battle in Seattle, in which the Kings forced overtime, showing some guts in the process. . but they fall short as they run on fumes in the 3v3.

Alex Edler dismissed the notion of fatigue when asked after the Seattle game, noting that all teams go through these stretches, both in the short term when you consider the 3-on-4 and backs, and in the long run time limit. . Todd McLellan admitted that he thinks elements of fatigue are showing up in the team’s game right now, but he gave the “whatever happens, happens” line. In this sense, he is clearly right. Each team finishes the regular season with 82 games played, so a compact schedule earlier means an open schedule later. It has to be parked somewhere, right? If teams are taking advantage of that when they play the Kings right now, they’ll have to return the favor later in the season when other teams hit congested stretches.

I chose to interview Edler last night specifically after what was a vintage Edler performance against Seattle. He didn’t do anything flashy, but that’s what you’ve come to expect. Edler and Matt Roy were one of the best defensive pairings in the NHL last season when looking at possession metrics. In just over 280 minutes together, the duo ranked in the NHL’s Top-3 in shot attempt percentage, scoring chances and high-danger chances controlled. They were the only couple in the Top-3 of the three categories. Last night in Seattle, the pair met for the first time this season as the Kings shuffled their staff following Sean Durzi’s lower-body injury. Last night, the Edler/Roy duo was on the ice with 26 shot attempts for them instead of just 12 against. They won the scoring chances battle 10-3 and the high-danger ones 5-1, not forgetting a goal for and none against. Through four games, no Kings defenseman had higher percentages when it came to shot attempts and controlled scoring opportunities than Edler, while only Roy topped him in high-danger metrics. If you can appreciate the quiet play that Edler offers, chances are you’ll be happy on this ride.

As a group, I thought the Kings played with a lot of battle and a lot of fight in Seattle last night. Vancouver didn’t exactly lack those things either. There are some similarities in game flow between the two games, but the Kings were one step better against the Kraken. Both nights, perhaps long-term fatigue affected the output more than the team admitted. Semi-trailers are a thing and especially on the west coast, you’ll have them on the road, they’re nothing new at this level. In greater perspective, however, the Kings have played 21 games in 40 days to start the season. That’s a league high. 12 of those games have come on the road, tied for the most in the league. I don’t think the NHL tracks time zone changes, but the Kings may lead the league in that department as well.

Maybe this is just an excuse, and not necessarily relevant. The games against Vancouver and Seattle were outwardly disjointed for large stretches of the game, even as the Kings generated more than enough chances to get the results they wanted. McLellan has used a similar phrase after the last two games. The chances created were good, the chances finished were not enough. There are many ways to turn or address this and the Kings tried to do the latter with changes to the front lines both before and during the game against Seattle. McLellan felt those changes gave the Kings a little more of what they were looking for, though they know two 5-on-5 goals in 120 minutes won’t be enough to advance. For a team that seemed to score and concede at will in October, November has brought a different style so far.

Heck, if tiredness isn’t an excuse for the Kings, it’s pretty impressive. This was the first ride, personally, that started to feel the wear and tear a bit. The Vancouver and Seattle games pretty much messed me up and I don’t play professional hockey every day. Good for them if they don’t feel it. Doesn’t it seem like opening night was a couple of weeks ago? We’re more than a quarter of the way through the season and it’s mid-November. Bananaland. However, a bit of a break in terms of travel is coming, with the next six games played in California. Only Friday’s game in San Jose is on the road, and it’s a quick trip north.

Rest day for the Kings today, before practice tomorrow and game day on Tuesday against the Rangers. The Kings have a rare “quiet” in the schedule, with one game between two sets on two days’ rest. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy week, though, with today off from a 2 a.m. arrival and Thursday serving as a travel day in San Jose, despite the Thanksgiving holiday . It’s a week to get some of that energy back, but still a three-game week as tilts with the Sharks and Senators follow Tuesday’s pre-turkey showdown.

That’ll be it for me today, Insiders. Closing and shutting down the computer. First day off in two full weeks and Elton John at Dodger Stadium awaits! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, talk to you tomorrow.

*Roster note: The Kings have assigned forwards Lias Andersson and Rasmus Kupari, as well as defenseman Jacob Moverare, to Ontario. No one is expected to play at 3pm today for the Reign. With an off day for the Kings, and no game until Tuesday, wait and see what happens between now and then before you consider these permanent moves!

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