Jaquan Brisker was brutally snubbed in the Rookie of the Year rankings

Jaquan Brisker was brutally snubbed in the Rookie of the Year rankings

The Chicago Bears‘The defense was always going to back down this year. Neither unit loses a wide array of veteran talent as they did and doesn’t get any worse. An infusion of young men was expected to bring outstanding individuals. It seems so. Dominique Robinson passes as a status man. Jack Sanborn unexpectedly emerged as a viable middle linebacker despite going undrafted. However, the most significant revelation this year is safety Jaquan Brisker.

The second-round pick out of Penn State arrived in April with little fanfare. Chicago promised to get the steal of the draft. People thought they were psyching themselves out. That it wasn’t serious. They were wrong. Brisker immediately established himself as a presence. He excelled in training and preseason. In late August, he was expected to headline alongside Eddie Jackson. In the first ten games of the season, Brisker has been excellent. His ability to play is undeniable. However, the wider NFL has not taken notice.

If you don’t believe that, take a look at Larry Holder’s latest Defensive Rookie of the Year rankings. Athletic.

Jaquan Brisker has been reviled to a ridiculous degree.

Now that Gardner, Wollen, Hutchinson and Jones are on the list is no surprise. Those four have absolutely earned their spots with their productive play. Thibodeaux and Walker are the ones that should anger Bears fans. Thibodeaux has one sack and 18 tackles this season. Walker has 2.5 sacks, 36 tackles and an interception this season. Brisker has three sacks, 62 tackles and one interception this season. He has more innings to lose than either player. However, they are attracting national media attention.

No wonder Jaquan Brisker is upset about this.

This young man is an excellent player. If he’s as effective as a rookie, imagine how much better he’ll be with more experience and better teammates around him. Matt Eberflus has a proven track record of elevating safeties throughout his long coaching career. Mike Brown’s comparisons were not high. Brisker has the potential to be such a presence in the backfield for this team.

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