Mets fans are rejoicing to report that All-Star pitcher Jacob deGrom would prefer to stay in New York for a major offer.

Mets fans are rejoicing to report that All-Star pitcher Jacob deGrom would prefer to stay in New York for a major offer.

The New York Mets believe they can re-sign the two-time National League Cy Young Award winner Jacob de Grom. They believe deGrom would prefer to stay in New York if the Mets can match what other teams are willing to offer.

Jacob deGrom opted out of his contract after last season, hoping to get a better deal for himself. The team only has two pitchers under contract for the 2022 season. The Mets will need more than just Max Scherzer and Carlos Carrasco in the next mandate.

Fans are excited for the team to know what they need to do to re-sign deGrom. He is one of the best starting pitchers on the market. Fans were sure the next season would end up somewhere else.

Jacob deGrom has emphasized winning and believes the Mets have what it takes to compete for a World Series. He has often told his teammates that he likes playing for the Mets. Fans are ready to make this deal.

“That would be awesome!!” a fan clapped.

“Get it. Done.” said another.

@genymets @nypost Jacob Degrom … If the Mets give him a fair deal, he’ll stay. The Mets forced his hand when they gave Max that ridiculous contract. He deserves more than Max and has shown he can pitch in New York. #lgm

New York Mets fans want the team to pay deGrom whatever they want. They believe he has proven to be the ace of the lineup, especially when healthy. They believe he deserves a bigger contract than his teammate Max Scherzer.

Scherzer signed a three-year, $130 million contract. He earns $42.3 million a year. He currently makes more money annually than any other pitcher in the league.

When healthy, Jacob deGrom is one of the most dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball

Philadelphia Phillies at NY Mets
Philadelphia Phillies at NY Mets

In his nine years with the Mets, Jacob deGrom has compiled an 82-57 record. He has an impressive career ERA of 2.52 and 1607 strikeouts. He averages 261 strikeouts per season.

He hasn’t thrown more than 100 innings in the past three seasons. No wonder they put him in the IL. Since 2020, there have been 10 different injuries that have sidelined him.

His most recent injury was a stress reaction in his right shoulder. He didn’t debut the 2022 season until early August. And while he didn’t pitch badly, he didn’t have the numbers he was hoping for. He had a 5-4 record last season with a 3.08 ERA.

He had to shake off the rust after missing almost a year entirely. He is expected to return to his dominant self once again next season.

Expected to be healthy for 2023, whoever lands deGrom will get a certified ace.

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