Jaylen Brown: I do not support the Barclays Center protesters

Jaylen Brown: I do not support the Barclays Center protesters

CHICAGO — Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown said he did not support the group of protesters who lined up outside the Barclays Center earlier Sunday Kyrie Irving‘s come back of the suspension, reiterating that he was happy to see the support for the Brooklyn Nets‘Guard playing again.

Members of the group Israel United in Christ, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, handed out flyers before Sunday’s game that read: “The Truth About Anti-Semitism” and “The Truth About slavery”.

Brown said Monday that he did not realize the group’s message when he retweeted a video from the group with the caption “Energy.”

“I saw a great group of our people in our community showing their support [Kyrie] and their return,” Brown said Monday. “I’m proud of that support and being proud of our community for doing that doesn’t mean I support or celebrate some of the things that were being done or said .

“My instinct when I saw this was that I didn’t realize what group it was. I just noticed the support, and that’s what I commented on. I stress again that I don’t think that everything that is said, done or it’s called. it’s something I endorse or represent.”

Brown tried to clarify his initial tweet with a follow-up Sunday night that he believed was the Omega psi phi fraternity showing support for Irving and said he did not plan to retract his initial tweet because it would remove his support for Irving and the seats come back.

Brown said she simply wanted to promote “brown and black people stand together in our problems instead of seeing images of violence in our media, music and movies that we don’t fully promote or benefit from.”

Brown, who like Irving is one of the vice presidents of the National Basketball Players Association, has been critical of Nets owner Joe Tsai over the way the organization handled Irving’s eight-game suspension for what the team called “the harmful impact of his conduct” related to social media posts surrounding a book and film that contained anti-Semitic themes.

Brown has expressed his displeasure with the terms the Nets set for Irving to return to the court.

“I have contacted as a trade unionist, as a former teammate just to support the situation that this entails [Irving’s] “Being exiled from the game, of course, emotionally it’s a lot for our league, but it’s a lot for everyone who is a fan of this game.

“Kyrie has contributed in so many ways to the game of basketball, so to be able to come back and be on the court last night, I thought it was something to celebrate. I thought it was something to support. The NBA, The Brooklyn Nets decided whatever the disagreements or concerns were, obviously it was handled and we were moving forward. I was supporting that decision.”

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