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The implications of the Spartans’ bowl game in the finals go without saying

The implications of the Spartans’ bowl game in the finals go without saying

A lot is at stake in Michigan State’s regular season finale against No. 11 Penn State. The Spartans need a win to become a bowler. So it’s a win on the road in Happy Valley to extend your season or it’s over. Mel Tucker knows the reality of his team and says it in the locker room as a matter of course.

“We all know what’s at stake and the players know it too, so there’s no reason to speculate about it,” Tucker said. “It’s about the end result. We have to focus on the program, as players and coaches, what we have to do every day to prepare for this opportunity.”

The way the Spartans lost to the Indians in double overtime was a fashion that could haunt the head coach. But Mel Tucker said “this isn’t his first rodeo.” In fact, he went back to his coaching experience and showed his team similar times and moments when he didn’t get to start the training week until Monday morning.

“In terms of having to win a game to go to a bowl game, I was a part of that,” Tucker said. “Having a two-point lead midway through the fourth quarter, losing a home game, was part of it. If I can’t move forward and take the next right step, neither can the team. It won’t happen.”

While he showed his team the bad times he went through while preparing for Penn State, he also talked about the good times he had as a head coach. Games where he had his back against the wall and won. He knows it’s still possible Saturday at Penn State.

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