BBB Cycling X Taylor Phinney and Jack Ultra Cyclist

BBB Cycling X Taylor Phinney and Jack Ultra Cyclist

BBB Cycling has announced the third edition of its “BBB Cycling Limited Series” where creative cyclists collaborate to design their own helmet artwork.

The new design features a BBB Maestro MIPS helmet and is the brainchild of creative studio Manifest Butter and BBB ambassador Jack Ultra Cyclist. Constituted as a starting point for the artistic creations of the former professional cyclist Taylor Phinney and Girona native David Roselló, Manifest Butter He has quickly become known for creations that blend the worlds of art and cycling.

Jack Thompson aka Jack Ultra Cyclist is an Australian ultra-distance cyclist who, over the past few years, has become known for taking on incredible challenges.

He is currently in the process of undertaking his biggest feat of endurance to date: cycling 1 million meters of elevation throughout 2022, to raise money for mental health charities.

Both Jack and Taylor have been open about their struggles with mental health and depression in the past. This served in part as inspiration for this design. The helmet protects the head while also symbolizing the need to protect the preciousness of the human mind, which is at the heart of Jack and Manifest Butter’s physical and creative endeavors.

To accompany the helmet launch, BBB Cycling has produced a short film that explores the creative process behind Manifest Butter’s creative direction, while delving into the power of the human mind in all aspects of Jack’s life. The new short film is called ‘A place to protect‘.

It also features Pau Llahí, a young rider with ambitions to compete in the Enduro World Series. Pau is one of several local downhill and enduro riders supported by Taylor and Manifest Butter, with profits from their participation in the project covering race entries, travel costs and bike maintenance for their racing seasons.

The helmet will be available from November 22nd online and will be sold internationally on the website of Departure from Amsterdam and in selected stores in the Netherlands and Belgium for €149.95 in a strictly limited edition of only 250 pieces.

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