Lonnie Teagle accused of hitting and groping Katy ISD female students

Lonnie Teagle accused of hitting and groping Katy ISD female students

Katy ISD football coach who abruptly quit his job in October resigned after being accused of hitting two female students and touching and making inappropriate comments to at least three others, according to Harris County District Court records.

Former Paetow High School coach and campus athletics coordinator Lonnie Teagle was charged with two felony counts: “inappropriate relationship with a student” and “indecency with a child sexual contact,” according to court records. Charges against Teagle were filed Nov. 14. He appeared in court and posted bond Monday, according to court records.

Teagle’s attorney could not immediately be reached for comment Monday night.

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The charges also reveal that Teagle was the subject of complaints in his former school district in Denton, according to a criminal complaint.

Teagle was hired by Katy ISD in April. He was a championship winning offensive coordinator who the district hoped he would lead the already successful Paetow High to another title.

According to court records, complaints about his behavior began early in his tenure at his new job. Teagle is accused of initiating an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old student in late August and early September, according to the criminal complaint.

The student, who came forward to school administrators in October, accused Teagle of touching her and a friend inappropriately, including touching their buttocks, giving them inappropriate hugs and sit them on your lap.

The girl said that on one occasion Teagle took her and her friend into a room and beat them, according to the complaint.

The day after the girl complained, three more students came forward to say Teagle had inappropriately touched their hips and thighs. They also said she made inappropriate comments, including saying she would like to date them, according to the complaint.

Police said they also discovered complaints from Teagle’s previous work in the Denton Independent School District, in which he complimented a student’s breasts and asked female students to rub their backs, according to the complaint.

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