NBA Rumors: Lakers offered first-rounder Russell Westbrook to Spurs

NBA Rumors: Lakers offered first-rounder Russell Westbrook to Spurs

NBA Rumors: Lakers offered first-rounder Russell Westbrook to Spurs

The commercial saga of Russell Westbrook for the lakers this past offseason is one that has seemingly endless ramifications. The front office seemed to have exhausted all sorts of options that felt available, including some unlikely ones.

The The San Antonio Spurs have been the team in the background of these talks. While the focus has been on the Hornets and pacers and their bigger trade packages, the Spurs have appeared as a smaller, less risky bet.

While it’s hard to imagine a deal that pushes the Lakers to contend with the Spurs, that doesn’t mean the Lakers aren’t interested in making a trade, albeit at a smaller price. Seconds Michael Scotto of HoopsHypethe Lakers offered the Spurs a trade package that includes a first-round pick and Westbrook

As noted above, the Lakers traded a lottery-protected first-round pick and Russell Westbrook for Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott before the season. However, the Spurs wanted an unprotected first-round pick that Los Angeles wasn’t willing to sacrifice, causing talks to stall.

With the Spurs toward the bottom of the West, Richardson is expected to draw interest from playoff-caliber teams looking to bolster their backcourt before entering unrestricted free agency this summer.

As previously noted, the Lakers had interest in Josh Richardson before he even landed in San Antonio. But as their trade offer shows, this isn’t ultimately a deal the Lakers view as one that will propel them up the Western Conference.

It’s an interesting trade to ponder, though. Depending on the protections of the first round pick, there could be some interest. However, it still seems like it would have to be a heavily protected first-round pick to make sense for the Lakers, because you’re essentially turning a big salary into a couple of smaller ones that are more easily traded. .

But the chasm between “highly protected” and “unprotected” is pretty huge when it comes to the Lakers, so it doesn’t seem like this deal is particularly close, which is a recurring trend when it comes to the Lakers and the Spurs in trade discussions lately it seems.

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