Todd Downing: Devastating to bring negative attention to the Titans

Todd Downing: Devastating to bring negative attention to the Titans

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Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing met with the media for the first time since his DUI arrest last week during a news conference Thursday.

Downing spoke one day after coach Mike Vrabel confirmed that Downing would remain in his job after his arrest in Nashville early Friday morning. Downing opened the press conference with a statement.

“I would like to acknowledge how serious this situation is,” Downing said. “I understand what a disturbing and sensitive issue this is and I’m not naive to how hurt it can be by people in a similar situation. I have put some things on my family that they don’t deserve. I have an amazing wife and an amazing son who love me unconditionally and I don’t want you to have to put up with more than what I brought. It’s scary that my actions or anything I’m involved in could bring negative attention or distraction to the organization, the property, the office and of course Coach Vrabel. I believe in myself as a man and I believe I will answer the bell to prosecute this crime. I thank coach Vrabel and [General Manager] Jon Robinson and [team owner] Amy Adams Strunk for giving me the opportunity to run this offense this weekend and these guys in the locker room deserve my best effort at it. Due to the nature of the situation, I know there are many questions. I know people are looking for specifics and answers and unfortunately due to the situation I wasn’t able to discuss much that evening. When it’s necessary, when it’s appropriate, I’ll answer the questions I can.”

One of the interesting details is where Downing was drinking before his arrest hours after the team’s win over the Packers in Green Bay on Thursday night. NFL policy prohibits alcohol in team facilities and on team flights.

Downing declined to answer a question about what he was drinking, but said he was aware of the walking program available to team personnel. He also said that he cannot think of a tougher challenge in his career than moving on from arrest.

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