49ers overreaction: Jimmy Garoppolo bid to return as 2023 starter

49ers overreaction: Jimmy Garoppolo bid to return as 2023 starter

49ers overreaction: Jimmy Garoppolo bid to return as 2023 starter

The 49ers’ biggest offseason failure was their biggest success.

The organization decided to move on from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and hand the team over to second-year player Trey Lance.

But when the 49ers made a deal to get a nice price for Garoppolo, they actually got a deal to keep him as the No. 2 quarterback.

The 49ers felt like they had two legitimate starting quarterbacks on their roster in a league where there aren’t enough NFL-caliber players to lead every team in the league.

Garoppolo’s strong season continued Monday night as he tied a career-best with four touchdown passes. Outscoring the 49ers 38-10 at the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City.

And that brings us to this week’s edition of 49ers Overreactions:

If Jimmy continues this type of play and wins a Super Bowl, he will be the 49ers QB1 next year. (IG: caliking7)

Overreacting? No, but . .

It’s not an overreaction to think or believe that Jimmy Garoppolo can return if the 49ers go all the way this season.

Heck, there will be plenty of opinions that Garoppolo should return regardless of how far the 49ers go in the NFL playoffs.

But those thoughts may not be realistic either.

After all, Garoppolo is in the final year of his contract with the 49ers.

The 49ers took a significant pay cut to stay with the team this season, and Garoppolo’s team was unable to find a new team. Part of the new deal is that the 49ers have not been franchise tagged.

Garoppolo will be available on the open market and free to sign with the highest bidder. So how far would the 49ers go to retain him?

Salary cap space is one thing. The 49ers will try to sign defensive end Nick Bosa to a multi-year contract, who could be the best defensive player in the NFL.

They also have to consider the rising contracts of Christian McCaffrey, Trent Williams, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Arik Armstead, Fred Warner and Charvarius Ward.

Would they be willing to turn the page on Trey Lance after the big trade to move him up to No. 3 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft to select him?

Doubtful, very doubtful.

But it’s Garoppolo and the 49ers, so good luck trying to predict what will happen.

Jimmy to the Jets next year. (IG: therealmasterfisherman)

Overreacting? no

Second-year quarterback Zach Wilson appears to be wearing out his welcome in New York quickly. He’s benched…Mike White?

Wilson is a talented young player who doesn’t seem to have the untouchability or likability of Garoppolo.

Coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur know Garoppolo. And meeting Garoppolo it is to appreciate it.

When Garoppolo becomes a free agent, it’s not a stretch to believe that the New York Jets could be one of the teams that would be interested in him.

Trey Lance will have to earn that QB spot this time around. It will not be given to him. (IG: next_level)

Overreacting? yes

Lance’s role with the 49ers will be finalized by the second week of March. There will be no competition for the initial position.

Let’s put it this way: Wherever Garoppolo ends in free agency in the spring of 2023, he’ll sign a contract that automatically makes him a starter.

It really is as simple as that.

The passing game is now opening up the running game (IG: at work365)

Overreacting? No (and vice versa).

The biggest factor affecting the 49ers’ run-pass ratio on Monday night was how the Arizona Cardinals executed their game plan.

Arizona essentially played a six-man defensive line and challenged the 49ers to throw the football.

As a result, Garoppolo completed 14 pass attempts for 153 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

After the 49ers found success through the air, the Cardinals made some adjustments that allowed the 49ers to turn to the running game in the second half.

In other words, when one area of ​​the 49ers offense is working, there will be opportunities for other areas to enjoy success as well.

Kyle Shanahan finally decides to stop being conservative in the second half with a 10-point lead. (IG: ninerbulls)

Overreacting? yes

The only thing that usually changes with Shanahan’s play calling is his perception based on game situations and results.

The 49ers attempted 21 passes in the first half and led 17-10 in the third quarter.

The 49ers then scored 21 runs to just eight passes over the final 30 minutes while outscoring the Cardinals 21-0.

If you run the ball conservatively and draw the play call, the exact opposite is true.

In fact, if you’re talking about the 10-point lead the 49ers lost in Super Bowl LIV, the biggest knock on Shanahan’s play-calling was that it wasn’t conservative enough. He was widely criticized for not running the ball on every play to protect the team’s fourth quarter lead.

On Monday, the 49ers were successful because they did it right. Garoppolo attempted just five passes of 20 yards or more through the air. He was 1-4 with a 39-yard touchdown pass to George Kittle on a play that didn’t quite work out that way.

The 49ers are the best/most physical/talented team in the NFC. (IG: born in 89)

Overreacting? no

Of course, it’s open to debate, but if you think the 49ers are the best, most physical, and most talented team in the NFC, you might have the material to make a compelling argument.

Garoppolo is playing as well as he has since coming to the 49ers midway through the 2017 season. We’ve mentioned some of their skill players before, but this is a loaded, versatile group with McCaffrey, Elijah Mitchell, Kyle Juszczyk, Kittle, Samuel and Aiyuk.

The 49ers’ offensive line has objectively proven to be a solid group, led by Williams, who is the best left tackle in the league.

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Then there’s the defense, which has played at a high level, except for that game against the Kansas City Chiefs five weeks ago.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings are teams that have been better (or at least more consistent) than the 49ers this season. But the 49ers seem to be trending up, and those teams atop the NFC are looking increasingly vulnerable.

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