Quin Snyder has been working with Darvin Ham after every Lakers game

Quin Snyder has been working with Darvin Ham after every Lakers game

When the lakers were going through their search for a coach, one name that kept coming up despite being busy at the time it was Quin Snyder. The Jazz coach he never really indicated that he wanted the jobbut reports he kept coming out linking it to him.

Obviously, the Lakers made the decision to sign Darvin Ham, and potentially the decision not to wait for Snyder’s future to play out at the same time, in a move that seemed like common sense. Snyder would eventually part ways with Utah and never landed with another team.

That doesn’t mean he’s completely removed from the world of NBA coaching, though. In a recent piece for Register OCKyle Goon spoke with Ham and revealed that he is in regular contact with Snyder.

“Opposites attract, man,” Ham said of himself and Snyder. “That’s my friend. Obviously, his swag is very different from my kind of swag. But we just find the humor in certain things, and we have this bond, this connection that keeps life in perspective.”

Ham has credited Snyder as his pro bono consultant working “on a check from Utah” after Snyder walked away from the Jazz this summer. They talk at odd hours, going over games and talking about best practices. Ham said, “That guy (Snyder) sends me long text messages too.”

But Snyder, 56, downplays his role: “I mostly ask questions, try to help him think things through. He knows his team and knows what he wants from them.”

Ham and Snyder have served on the same coaching staff together twice, one of those times in Los Angeles for the 2011-12 season with Mike Brown. Snyder left after that season to coach CSKA Moscow in Russia, while Ham stayed with the Lakers before the two reunited for one more season in Atlanta with Mike Budenholzer.

Then, seeing Ham turn to Snyder for advice makes sense in a number of ways, both because of their time together and their understanding of coaching in Los Angeles. It’s also kind of a cover on Ham’s reporting have head coaching knowledge on your staffsomething that did not come to fruition.

It would be interesting to see if this pro bono inquiry turns into something more official in the future, but as long as Snyder is okay with taking the Jazz’s money and helping the Lakers, it seems like a pretty good arrangement to me.

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