Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich praises LeBron James

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich praises LeBron James

Since he was in high school, LeBron James has been under an electron microscope, and while much of the attention and feedback he’s received from fans and the media has been positive, he’s also received his share of of criticism

Criticism was particularly intense during his first season with the Miami Heat, and again shortly after he joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018.

Aside from his 4-6 record in the NBA Finals, most believe James has lived up to or even surpassed the hype surrounding him.

Just before LA took on the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, head coach Gregg Popovich praised the four-time MVP for how he’s handled the scrutiny.

road Lakers Nation:

“It made me mad when he first came in,” Popovich said. “If I made a pass, somebody would say, ‘I should have shot.’ If I shot the ball, it was, ‘I should have passed.’ , in a way. The boy was doing everything very well and he behaved very well. Little boy with all this attention and doing what he was doing.

“I thought it was wonderful. It would just annoy me. Whenever I was around him or whenever I had the chance, I would say it publicly. ‘Why don’t you talk to him?’ and ‘He did this; he did that. This that’s what I remember the most: the way he handled himself in the midst of all of that. All of us, we don’t know what it’s like to have that kind of attention and those kinds of demands.

“For something like him, I can’t even understand. It was super.”

The Lakers will play the Spurs again on Friday and Saturday, giving Popovich another front-row seat to witness James. Of course, the longtime Spurs coach has seen the superstar up close in three NBA Finals matchups.

James has missed the last five Lakers games with a strained adductor, but he is expected to return Friday.


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