The 25 best players under the age of 25, 2022-23 edition

The 25 best players under the age of 25, 2022-23 edition

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2022-23 Statistics: 19.3 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 11.2 rpg, 1.8 rpg, 46.9% FG

One of the complaints many have about the NBA today is that the game has been overtaken not only by three-point shooting and a lack of defense, but also by robotic playmakers, with much of the jazzy beauty of the basketball passes .

One player trying to reverse this trend is Tyrese Haliburtonone of the most creative and flashy floor generals the NBA has seen in a long time, one who not only likes to set up his teammates, but loves to do it in an attractive way, often executing no-look passes still while rarely turning the ball over.

Haliburton, the league leader in nightly assists this year so far, just had a three-game stretch with 40 assists and zero turnovers. Yes, you read that correctly.

He’s not just a playmaker either, as Haliburton is also an efficient scorer and impactful defender, leaving his mark on every basketball game every minute he’s on the floor. At 22, Haliburton already ranks ninth in the NBA in WS/48 this year and eighth in BPM, outrageous marks for a player of his age and experience level.

Fox making a jump this year will make Kings fans feel better, but it still seems like the Haliburton trade could be considered a mistake one day. Either way, the Indiana Pacers should feel great about getting one of the best pure point guards in recent NBA history in this trade.

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