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Updated College Football Playoff Predictions: Penn State vs. Rose, Ohio vs. Orange

Updated College Football Playoff Predictions: Penn State vs. Rose, Ohio vs. Orange

One small step Rose Bowl, one giant series of changes in our latest Bowl projections.

Rose Bowl likely to invite Penn State and shift Ohio State yes Orange outlined a chain reaction involving 17 different mapping changes. It’s not as simple as flipping a Big Ten competitor and calling it good. When the Orange Bowl selects a Big Ten team, the league vacates its spot in the ReliaQuest Bowl (formerly the Outback) in the ACC/Mother of God. The bowl, based in Tampa, Fla., has the first ACC/Notre Dame pick since the New Year’s Six, and the ripple effect is building from there.

While the prospect of Notre Dame-LDU The Tampa game sounds fantastic, knowing that the SEC controls the contract draft pool brought us back to reality. If it’s not in the New Year’s Six, don’t expect a Brian Kelly Cup anytime soon.

A couple of other notes. Buffalo can become 80thousand a team that is eligible to participate in the cup and won against Akron. The NCAA Football Oversight Committee will hear State of New MexicoWaiver request on Thursday. New Mexico State (5-6) played its game vs San Jose State canceled in October when SJSU returns McWright made of glass died in a car accident the day before the start. New Mexico State has since scheduled a game against non-scholarship FCS team Valparaiso this weekend. If the waiver is denied, New Mexico State will count as a five-win team instead of six.

If there are not 82 bowl-eligible teams, the five-win team with the best Academic Performance Rate (APR) becomes the additional opponent. Among 5-7 teams, Rice has the best annual percentage, behind him UNLV. Chestnut and State of Michigan are tied for third, but Auburn won the tiebreaker based on the best annual percentage score a year ago.


• Most bowls do not have to choose the conference standings in strict order. “Big 12 No. 3” means the third pick, no third place. The SVC office plays matchmakers with its charms and schools.

• Notre Dame can fill one of the ACC bowl spots.

• ESPN Events owns and operates 16 of the 41 FBS conferences, most of which are affiliated with the Group of 5. It has the ability to move teams around, creating exciting matchups.

• Bowls priorities range from TV audience to maximum attendance. A team like Texas could build a massively rated but motivated following Kansas can bring crowds to the venue and help boost ticket sales and the local economy.

All times are Eastern.

New Year’s six



December 30

Clemson (ACC) vs. Ohio State (SEC/B1G/ND)


8 p.m. ESPN


December 31

Kansas State (BIG 12) vs. Alabama (SEC)

New Orleans

Noon, ESPN


December 31

#2 Michigan vs. #3 TCU

Glendale, Arizona.

4:00/8:00 PM ESPN


December 31

#1 Georgia vs. #4 USC


4:00/8:00 PM ESPN


January 2

Tennessee (overall) vs. Tulane (overall/G5)

Arlington, Texas

1 p.m. ESPN


January 2

Penn State (B1G) vs. Washington (Pac-12)

Pasadena, California.

5 p.m. ESPN

The remaining bowls


The Bahamas

December 16

Miami OH (MAC) vs. UAB (C-USA)

Nassau, Bahamas

11:30 a.m. ESPN

To heal

December 16

Marshall (ESPN) vs. BYU (ESPN)

Orlando, Florida

3 p.m. ESPN


December 17

Wake Forest (ACC #9) vs. East Carolina (AAC)


11 a.m. ESPN

New Mexico

December 17

San Jose State (MWC) vs. Rice (ESPN)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

2:15 p.m. ESPN

LA Bowl

December 17

Washington State (Pac-12 #6) vs. Boise State (MWC #1)

Inglewood, California.

3:30pm ABC


December 17

Southern Miss (#5 Sun Belt) vs. Bowling Green (C-USA/MAC)

Mobile, Ala.

5:45 p.m. ESPN


December 17

Oregon (Pac-12 No. 3) vs. LSU (SEC No. 3-8)

Las Vegas

19:30 ABC


December 17

Oklahoma State (ESPN) vs. Fresno State (ESPN)

Frisco, Texas

9:15 p.m. ESPN

Myrtle Beach

December 19

South Alabama (ESPN) vs. Liberty (ESPN)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2:30 p.m. ESPN

Idaho potatoes

December 20

Utah State (MWC) vs. Buffalo (MAC)

Boise, Idaho

3:30pm ESPN

Boca Raton

December 20

Georgia Southern (ESPN) vs. Connecticut (ESPN)

Boca Raton, Florida

7:30 p.m. ESPN

New Orleans

December 21

Troy (#2 Sun Belt) vs. North Texas (C-USA)

New Orleans

8 p.m. ESPN

Armed forces

December 22

Air Force (ESPN) vs. Houston (ESPN)

Fort Worth, Texas

7:30 p.m. ESPN


December 23

Louisiana* (Army) vs. Memphis (AAC)

Shreveport, Louisiana

3 p.m. ESPN


December 23

Coastal Carolina (ESPN) vs. Cincinnati (ESPN)

Tampa, Florida

6:30 p.m. ESPN


December 24

San Diego State (MWC) vs. Middle Tennessee (C-USA)


8 p.m. ESPN

Fast lane

December 26

Wisconsin (Big Ten #8) vs. Eastern Michigan (MAC)


2:30 p.m. ESPN


December 27

UTSA (ESPN) vs. Ohio State (ESPN)

Montgomery, Alabama

Noon on ESPN

The first respondent

December 27

UNLV (ESPN) vs. Western Kentucky (ESPN)

University Park, Texas

3:15/6:45pm ESPN


December 27

SMU (AAC) vs. Florida (SEC #9)

Birmingham, Alabama

3:15/6:45pm ESPN

Guaranteed rate

December 27

Illinois (#7 Big Ten) vs. Baylor (#6 Big Ten)


10:15 PM ESPN


December 28

UCF (AAC) vs. Duke (ACC #8)

Annapolis, Maryland

2 p.m. ESPN


December 28

Kansas (Big 12 No. 5) vs. Missouri (SEC No. 3-8)

Memphis, Tennessee.

5:30 p.m. ESPN


December 28

Pittsburgh (ACC #2-4) vs. Utah (Pac-12 #4)

San Diego

8:00 p.m. Fox


December 28

Texas Tech (Big 12 No. 4) vs. Arkansas (SEC No. 3-8)


9 p.m. ESPN

A strip

December 29

Minnesota (#5 Big Ten) vs. Syracuse (#5-7 ACC)

Bronx, New York

2 p.m. ESPN


December 29

Oklahoma (Big 12 No. 3) vs. Florida State (ACC No. 2-4)

Orlando, Florida

5:30 p.m. ESPN


December 29

Texas (Big 12 No. 2) vs. UCLA (Pac-12 No. 2)

San Antonio, Texas

9 p.m. ESPN

Duke of Mayo

December 30

Maryland (#6 Big Ten) vs. NC State (#5-7 ACC)

Charlotte, North Carolina

Noon on ESPN

The sun

December 30

Louisville (#5-7 ACC) vs. Oregon State (#5 Pac-12)

El Paso, Texas

2 p.m. CBS


December 30

North Carolina (ACC #3-5) vs. Kentucky (SEC #3-8)

Jacksonville, Florida

3:30pm ESPN


December 30

Wyoming (MWC) vs. Toledo (MAC)

Tucson, Arizona.

16:30 Bar stool

Music city

December 31

Iowa (Big Ten #4) vs. Ole Miss (SEC #3-8)


Noon ABC


January 2

Notre Dame (ACC #2) vs. Mississippi St. (SEC #3-8)

Tampa, Florida

Noon on ESPN2

Citrus fruits

January 2

Purdue (Big Ten #2) vs. South Carolina (SEC #2)

Orlando, Florida

1:00 p.m. ABC

Teams that have accepted official applications are participating brave.

* Substitution of a team for a conference without a corresponding team.

(Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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