Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders is ‘very capable’ of being an NFL coach

Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders is ‘very capable’ of being an NFL coach

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While Hall of Fame corner Deion Sanders is poised to parlay his success at Jackson State into a bigger college job at Colorado or Cincinnati, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes Sanders can go higher than that.

“It’s Deion very capable of being a head coach in the National Football League,” Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You couldn’t talk to anyone who knows you better than I do.”

Sanders played five seasons with the Cowboys from 1995 to 1999.

“Deion has a positive vibe about him, and a real genuine ‘one and one is three,'” Jones said. “It’s positive about him. He really understands what a player’s mentality can and should be. Of course, he’s really traveled and benefited from some of the biggest people in the sport, and look what he brings to the table.

“Deion Sanders has a little bit of what it takes to be a coach. He is outstanding, I will say that he is an excellent communicator and a true leader of men.

Sanders took the Jackson State job in 2020. A year earlier, he was a candidate (or at least wanted to be) for the Florida State job. Sixteen years before that, he wanted to succeed Dan Reeves as Falcons coach.

“I can make a better team, and I know, because I know the things that really need to be done there,” Sanders said at the time. “I spend a lot of time every week preparing for my Sunday work [in broadcasting], watching tape and talking to players and coaches, that I still live football. It’s still a big part of me. I talk to the coaches and the assistants, the guys I’m close to, every week. I know what the job is, believe me, and I know I can do it“.

It has now been 19 years since Sanders made those comments. He has shown in his time with Jackson State that he can get it. If he does the same in Cincinnati or Colorado, who knows? Maybe the NFL will come calling.

Maybe Jerry Jones will come calling too.

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