Fuhrman completes the series with the fourth halfpenny volume

Fuhrman completes the series with the fourth halfpenny volume

The fourth and final reference dedicated by numismatic researcher and author Ed Fuhrman to United States copper half cents is available directly from the author.

Limited to an edition of less than 500 copies, the 182-page hardcover book, The Halfpenny Handbook: Errors and Curiositiesexamines all types of mint errors, from minor planchet errors to notable errors, all offered in great detail and illustrated.

Each error type is illustrated in full color with extensive descriptions of how the error occurred. Examples of some of the more spectacular Mint errors are included, with images of many never-before-seen pieces.

Fuhrman’s first three references examine all states and varieties of United States halfpenny dies from 1793 to 1857 inclusive.

Halfpenny errors addressed in the fourth book include blank counters, clipped errors, edge errors, light weight counters, cracked counters, lamination errors, off-center strikes, double and triple strikes, double-flip strikes, partials, and complete brockages, die rotation errors, spotting errors, misaligned dies, edge letter errors, wide strokes and more.

Fuhrman details the elements that determine what constitutes an error coin and what specifically to look for to identify its type. Fuhrman also explains how to grade half-cent errors.

Collectors interested in obtaining a copy of this latest Fuhrman reference can contact him by email at [email protected]. Copies are priced at $115 postpaid.

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