Saints vs. The best ManningCast moments from the Bucs

Saints vs. The best ManningCast moments from the Bucs

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning returned to “Monday Night Football” for Week 13 of the ManningCast.

Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers hostel Andy Dalton and New Orleans Saints To close out this week’s action at Raymond James Stadium.

with me 17-16 win, Brady is 20-8 in his career in the MNF, tied with Dan Marino for the most such victories by a starting quarterback. Brady is 2-4 against the Saints in the regular season since joining the Buccaneers in 2020, with two wins this season.

Mannings broke up the game along with Robin Roberts, Randy Moss and Dana White.

Here are the best ManningCast moments from Monday night:

Intrigued by Peyton and Eli Dana’s unique league

Remembering Randy



Randy Moss talks Peyton and Eli Manning and how he hung up on Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Picture this

Surprise behind the scenes


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