UTMB World Series announce TransJeju for UTMB in South Korea

UTMB World Series announce TransJeju for UTMB in South Korea

UTMB has announced that TransJeju by UTMB in South Korea will become the 32ndn.d race to UTMB World Series 2023 schedule.

Jeju, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, is located in the Korea Strait and will now host the UTMB World Series event on October 7-8, 2023.

There will be four races: 10km; 20 km; 50 km and 100 km. There is no 100 mile race as with other UTMB World Series events.

The announcement sees the established Trail Jeju race become UTMB’s TransJeju, with the city of Seogwipo hosting the start and finish of all races.

Hallasan, a dormant volcano, is the highest peak in South Korea. Credit: UTMB.

“Very special” Jeju

Jeju is a volcanic island and runners will find themselves climbing Mount Hallasan, a dormant shield volcano and the highest peak in South Korea. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“One of the big attractions of TransJeju for UTMB is that runners can reach the top of Mount Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea,” said race director Byeungsik Ahn.

“The runners of the 100 km race climb the mountain at sunset, which is very special.

“Jeju is a very popular resort, so we have great infrastructure and it’s easy to access, and we’re sure that participants and their families will enjoy the great seafood and local tourist attractions in Jeju before and after the race .

“We are very happy and honored to be a part of the UTMB World Series. I hope more riders will come to enjoy TransJeju by UTMB on their way to the UTMB World Series Finals.

“We’d like to make every trail runner’s dream come true with TransJeju.”

The new TransJeju by UTMB races

With a cumulative elevation gain of 4020m, the flagship Trans100K will take runners through Hallasan National Park trails to the top of Hallasan and the crater lake at its summit. It offers three running stones for entry into the draw for the UTMB Ultra-Trail Marathon du Mont-Blanc finals to all who complete it.

The Trans50K, which is 52km long, will take runners on a similar route to the summit and has a total of 2110m, offering two boulder runs, while the Trans20k offers a total height of 420m and takes runners to the village of Gasiri . The Trans10k offers no running stones.

You can check the details about entry to any of the races here.

UTMB World Series announce TransJeju for UTMB in South Korea

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